How-to VoIP Help Guides

How-to guides for VoIP and networking person.

Installing and maintaining VoIP (Voice over IP) system hardware and network components correctly will go a long way in preventing poor voice quality and connectivity issues

Whether you have an on premise VoIP PBX or a cloud based phone system (hosted VoIP), each are dependent on a good working network for best results. Starting with your own Ethernet cables, router and your Internet provider's modem, each device will play an important part of a good successful VoIP installation.
We have put together some how-to articles that offer guidance for specific tasks, from installing a remote gateway for a remote location's phones to best ways to complete faxes over VoIP.
We offer configuration settings on your router so voice traffic will not only pass though, but if you encounter one-way audio, specific settings to look for that could be the cause. Voice quality for your VoIP calls are dependent on getting the highest priority so that other apps do not create a backup at the router. Setting up QoS on your router is the solution. Additionally, protecting your Asterisk based IP-PBX from intruders and good practices for security is a must for everyone and you'll find some tips that will help prevent unintended access.

Under troubleshooting help for issues that you may encounter with Voice over Internet, you'll find ways to improve network stability and correct broken voice, plus check your cable modem for signal levels and if they could be the cause of sporadic networking problems.