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The IP-PBX for the Data guy to move into Voice

IP PBX sales person with data/networking background.More and more small data companies are looking to expand from PC and server support to networking that includes voice. Making the move to traditional voice for a data person can be an exhausting endeavor, especially if they wanted to take on the long list of traditional proprietary PBXs, which in today's times would be going backwards. The right move is towards an open source Asterisk based system, with some choices better than others. Allworx has been one such product that has attracted data companies with an IP voice product. And there have been some others. However, now that Grandstream* has developed the UCM series IP PBX appliances, the perfect product is here for the small data company to fill the hole and move into voice.

Why the Grandstream award winning UCM 6200 Series IP PBX is the right choice to move into VoIP (Voice services).

Moving small to mid-size companies away from traditional telephone service has had its challenges, one of which is telling these companies to disconnect from their traditional copper lines and move to all VoIP. Too many times the results have been problematic to say the least. Total VoIP service can be an excellent choice, whether hosted in the cloud or an in-house IP-PBX, especially for a new company, but for older established companies who have a few copper lines for their phone service, moving everything can be a recipe for disaster, especially given that many of these companies have substandard LAN networks. Now we are at a time where Internet bandwidths are large and more reasonably priced and there is an easy to install/setup/configure IP PBX appliance that can accept a few traditional CO lines, it's the UCM 6202 & 6204 (formerly and still available the UCM 6102 and 6104). They are all reasonably priced, as a matter of fact, such an incredible low price, that any vendor selling a traditional PBX will come in at a much higher price for a less capable system. And they are easy to install and easy to configure with lots of support from Grandstream. Let's list the advantages of the UMC 6200 series IP PBX appliance as a new voice product for the data guy:

  • Reasonably priced and well built.
  • Based on Asterisk and an intuitive GUI, (which is actually Grandstream's own well designed GUI originally based off of open source FreePBX, so will be dependable and well thought out.
  • Can accept traditional phone lines (FXO ports), so the customer does not have to disconnect from their current telecom provider.
  • Simple to learn and easy to install and configure.
  • Accepts openly available SIP phones.
  • Lots of features and lots of expansion capabilities.
  • Readily available resources, such as how-to videos, online guides and support from the manufacturer (Grandstream).

And if that's not enough, the UCM 6000 series won a 2014 Product of the Year award from TMC. And the UCN6200 series of IP PBXs won a 2017 Product of the Year from TMC. So, if you're looking for that right product, one that will add to your data and networking strengths, the UCM asterisk appliance will be an excellent choice.

For videos on installation and feature configurations: Grandstream UCM 6102 Videos.

For more information about UCM6000 features and pricing.

*NOTE: Grandstream now offers the UCM 6200 series IP-PBX appliances, which are an upgraded version of the original. TMC awarded the UCM6200 series of IP PBXs a 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year.

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