Moving to a Cloud PBX is the Best Choice

Top Reasons Why Businesses More Often Choose a Cloud based PBX

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Businesses in 2021 are no longer questioning whether the cloud is right for their business. Their main decision now is deciding how much to put in the cloud and how soon they'll make the transition.

An unprecedented number of companies are discovering that moving their business phone service to cloud based services (hosted VoIP) has enormous rewards. It's quick and easy to setup with advanced features to improve efficiencies. and customer satisfaction with these type of services that are driving motivation. 2020 saw many companies choose hosted VoIP, now in 2021 it's the definitive first choice. Here's why.
First, equipment costs are less, with the only hardware required being the IP phones and possible a router. IP phones are low in cost compared with just a few years ago, with some excellent manufacturers, such as Yealink, Polycom or Grandstream, that each offer models for less than $100.00. Each phone can be placed where ever a data (computer) line is, which in today's world is just about any place you need one, so cabling is normally not an issue in most business offices. Secondly, the time for installation is extremely quick and about as easy as plugging a phone into your business network. Features, such as an IVR and call routing can be configured in less than an hour with support from the provider. Managers are finding home based employees can connect in minutes.

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2 Primary Factors for Choosing a Cloud Based Phone Service

Great Features with Optional Advanced Apps

Business VoIP providers offer features equivalent to the best IP-PBX phone systems which is because the software that they use is open source Asterisk.
Each user will gain a suite of features which boosts productivity for the company, such as voicemail to email, the ability to have business calls ring their desk phone and their cell phone simultaneously and conference calls. Voicemails are sent to their email attached as an audio file for easy access while traveling.


With access to high-speed Internet employees can be connected to the office from anywhere remotely. They can take their phone, plug it into any network anywhere and it appears as they are calling from their office. Users can access voicemail, make changes to how their calls are routed and easily customize their personnel greetings from anywhere. Remote workers at home find connecting up to all their resources easy.

Reasons to move your phone service to the cloud are:

Save Money on Phone Service

Switching traditional phone service to a business VoIP provider will typically lower monthly service fees between up to 60% percent over the first two years when compared to a traditional on-premise PBX. Those companies that call Internationally will save even more by choosing a provider that offer plans that bundle local, long distance and International minutes together for one price.

Cloud-based PBX Easily Scales

As a business grows and particular requirements change, it’s extremely easy to add services like extensions, phone numbers, fax services and advanced add-on features such as call recording, conferences with large groups, voicemail to text, etc..
Now more than ever workers are mobile. Removing barriers, both physical and geographical make companies much more flexible and productive.


A big advantage of using a cloud-based phone service is the freedom of not having to manage a phone system. Even after setup the hosted VoIP provider offers help, so each employee has the ability to configure their own phone. The provider handles both the updates to improve features and security and maintains the cloud PBX to ensure that the system operates smoothly. The system itself is designed to easily manage and just about anyone will be able to make the changes they desire quickly and from anywhere. There is no more need for bulky phone equipment in the closet that needs attention and which posses a risk from lightning storms.

Conclusion: Large companies will continue their migration to the cloud over managed networks. Small to medium companies are increasingly moving to hosted VoIP or a cloud based phone system as the need to connect home workers has become indispensable. Connecting over the cloud for phone service and communications is proving to be a better alternative to traditional phone services in many cases.

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