Best Brand mid-range IP Phones for Cloud based PBX

Top 3 mid-range IP Desk Phones for a VoIP IP-PBX or cloud based PBX service.

Top picks for best SIP desk phones.When considering which desk SIP phones to purchase considerations typically include price, configuration, ease of use by employees, features, durability and good reviews. In short a really good phone that will have a great feature set and can be purchased for less than $150.00.

IP phones from top manufacturers offer great value. Prices are lower than ever which makes a business VoIP phone system more affordable than ever, whether you decide on a cloud solution or an in-house PBX.

Our three top phone brands are the Polycom VVX 400, the Grandstream GXP1782 and the Yealink SIP-42S. All three are mid-range phones from proven manufacturers that expect many of their phones are being used with an Asterisk based IP-PBX or a hosted VoIP cloud based business phone service and provide for easy installation and configuration. They all have the latest and best technology.
Two, the GXP1782 and SIP-T42S have gigabit Ethernet ports built-in and are from a new line of improved phones with faster response times, advanced HD voice and the latest technology. Each of these three phones have proven to be some of the best since they were introduced. All are durable with excellent ergonomic design, offer excellent voice quality and each accepts PoE. None of these SIP phones will be a budget buster, if anything their value exceeds the competition.

For FreePBX a top choice would be Sangoma's S series phones. The only phone designed specifically for FreePBX.

Best SIP phones for 2019.Value and high reviews usually determine top picks. Each of the manufacturers of our top picked phones produce excellent products and are known to stand behind everything they make. This includes keeping firmware updated as needed and posting information about issues that can be experienced in the field. Customer service at each company exceeds most expectations which goes a long way towards continued success.

Having available resources and guidance for any product is important especially for installation and configuration. For those companies that are considering a cloud based phone service the provider usually has a list of phones that work well with their system and have been tested and supported.

Three Top Choice IP Business Desk Phones for Features, Durability and Value

Polycom VVX 400

Polycom VVX400 IP Phone

  • 12 Lines- Registering up to 12 SIP accounts.
  • 3.5" 320 x 240 pixel color LCD screen
  • Each line can act as a SIP account registration or as a BLF to show phone availability of co-workers.
  • 2 RJ45 10/100M Ethernet ports

Polycom VVX 400 Review

Polycom's VVX 400, a mid-range phone with a color 3.5” LCD screen is designed to make call management easy. With 12 lines this phone offers an affordable choice for heavier calling businesses. The 12 lines can be used as Busy Lamp Fields, if desired, which will monitor phone availability of co-workers, a feature that is essential for some offices. Voice quality is outstanding, incorporating Polycom's new Acoustic Clarity Technology which results in crystal clear calls without echoes, drop-outs or feedback. All in all, this phone is a great choice with a strong feature set. Well liked by users the VVX 400 constantly ranks among the best in its class. With easy intuitive navigation and an attractive well lit color LCD screen, it has just about everything you might need.


Polycom has been known for quality IP phones with exceptional voice quality and the VVX 400 delivers on all accounts. The speakerphone delivers high quality voice without echo or distortion. The LCD color user interface is intuitive and very user friendly and the phone's ergonomics pleases just about everyone. The VVX 400 also comes ready for expansion modules, if desired. This phone will be a great choice for even more demanding users and comes in at an affordable price point which make larger deployments cost effective.


No USB or Gigibit ports (The VVX 410 offers gigabit ports and USB port, but costs more.)

Polycom VVX 400 Datasheet

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Grandstream GXP1782

Grandstream GXP1782 IP Phone

  • 8 lines- Registering up to 4 SIP accounts.
  • 3.3" 200 x 80 pixel LCD screen
  • 2 RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 32 digitally programmable BLF/speed-dial keys.
  • Built-in USB port

GXP1782 Review

Grandstream has been manufacturing affordable outstanding SIP desk phones for quite some time now and in 2017 the GXP1700 Mid-Range IP Phones series was awarded an Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award. You'll find that using the LCD menus on the GXP1782 is both intuitive and quick and comes with 11 dedicated function keys and 4 XML programmable context sensitive keys. Configuration allows for multiple choices of which feature to assign the virtual Multi Purpose Keys (vMPKs); in essence allowing a user to choose the features they use most. The phone's response is immediate and comes with a large capacity phonebook. Voice quality through the handset is excellent and the speakerphone, which has advanced acoustic echo cancellation built-in, is notably crisp and good for conversations.


Grandstream's mid-level GXP1782 is an outstanding value with most of the features you'd want in a business phone. For keeping down costs on a new installation the GXP1782 is unbeatable. It comes with gigabit ports and even if you don't need that now it's nice to have, if an upgrade of the network comes in the future. It also has a 5-way audio conferencing feature that doesn't require a conferencing app. All in all, this phone is a great choice for a small office or a large company environment.


No Bluetooth

Grandstream GXP1782 Datasheet

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Yealink SIP‑T42S

Yealink T42S SIP Phone

  • 12 Lines- Registering up to 12 SIP accounts.
  • 2.7" 192 x 64-pixel LCD screen
  • 2 RJ45 Gigibit Ethernet ports
  • Local phonebook up to 1000 entries
  • Built-in USB port

Yealink SIP‑T42S Review

Yealink's TS series phones are an improvement over their G series and offer a faster, quick response interface. They include technology like Optima HD voice and the Opus wide-band codec for crystal clear voice quality. The speakerphone has been improved in the T42S and also incorporates hearing aid compatible (HAC), so that a person with hearing loss can hear more clearly. The SIP‑T42S interface is recognizable as a smart-phone like user experience, something that we may see more in the future. It's a very attractive and easy to use phone with one-touch soft keys that allow for personal customization, increasing a user's productivity. Yealink even thought about the common complaints of a tangled handset cord and includes a Anti-tangle cord on the phone.


Yealink's TS series phones are an improvement over their well received G line, suggesting they should be on most user's shortlist, when deciding which phones they will use. And even though the TS series was an improvement, they didn't come with a higher price tag. The SIP-T42S phone is an affordable, business grade phone with gigabit Ethernet ports and a powerful set of advanced features. Durable, attractive and easy to use, the SIP-T42S comes with gigabit ports and can be found for under $150.00.


The Yealink Bluetooth BT40 dongle is not yet available for theT42S phone.

Yealink SIP-T42S Datasheet

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The VVX400, GXP1782 & T42S: Top picks Remain for 2021

All three top picks are mid-range phones for growing businesses that we feel offer a "best value choice".
The GXP1762 remains one of Grandstream's award winning phone models. Yealink’s T4S series likewise remains an outstanding phone choice. Both brands came with many improvements and incorporated several advanced technologies that significantly improved their overall operation and voice qualities from earlier models.
The VVX 400 mid-range phone has been in use worldwide and is one of Polycom's constant signature phones. The Poly VVX 400 phones can be purchased new, or for the more budget conscious user refurbished. Either way they can be found at exceptionally affordable prices. If purchasing refurbished, just ensure the phones come with the latest version of firmware installed and a power supply if required.

Final Notes
  • Each of the 3 phones offer ease of installation and one touch configuration, excellent voice clarity and features to improve business productivity.
  • All three mid-range phones are likely to continue to be the top choices throughout 2021.

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