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5 things to Know When Selling a Business a New Phone System

Young salesman making a sale.When selling a business a new phone system it's crucial to learn some very important things about their current situation. Without these items you won't be able to move the sale process forward. These key pieces are very fundamental, however too many times one will forget to get a particular piece of information, only to have to go back and ask before going to the next step in putting together a quote.


What you need to know when selling a phone system.

  • The number of phone lines that the business has and a break down of those lines. These would include all lines, such as fax lines, credit card machine line, alarm line, etc. An example would be 3 phones lines for the phone system and 1 for the fax machine which is shared with the credit card machine. For a total of 4 incoming lines. Once the number is established ask if they will remain with that number of lines.
  • How many phones does the business need. This might actually be the number they currently have, however many times when a business is ready to get a new telephone system they might need one or two more phones or even one or two less. Get the proper count.
  • Is there a computer where every phone will reside. Remember, your Asterisk based system will be connected to a data connection and share that cable with the user's computer.
  • Who their current phone service provider is. This could be AT&T, a local cable company, or any other telephone service provider in the area.
  • What features do they desire in their next phone system. Chances are they will get more features than they need, however always ask, as this question leads to their needs and that leads to motivation.
Carrier options, it's what every business would like.

Everybody has now heard of VoIP, however many businesses become confused when it comes to what they have and what they want with their telephone services. Unless they are a new business chances are they have existing installed telephone services. And they may have a contractual period which remains for those services. An early cancellation would incur penalties.

Most small businesses have traditional copper lines from a traditional carrier, (this would include a cable provider's telephone service as each line is broken out in pairs). These are business lines, typically in a roll over sequence where you call the first line and if it's busy the call automatically rolls to the second line. Understanding different types of phone services is important, because you're going to have to explain them to the customer. However, selling the Grandstream UCM6104 (now the UCM6200 series) Asterisk Appliance gives the customer the option to connect their traditional lines, as well as VoIP service. They can do a combination of services or only one type or the other. It gives them total flexibility now and in the future, and without any additional license fees. Let another PBX seller tell that to them.

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