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Sangoma PBXact UC 40 IP-PBX Appliance

PBX salesman for PBXact.Sangoma's SMB business PBXact UC 40 supports up to 40 users and 30 concurrent calls. designed for businesses that want a full featured affordable IP-PBX that's ready to go with easy installation and configuration and can be managed by in house personnel. Sangoma stands out by offering their unique advanced featured call center app (extra cost), that offers a reliable robust solution.

Sangoma, a well established manufacturer of highly regarded telephony cards, owners of FreePBX, the popular front end GUI for Asterisk and Asterisk, make some of the best appliances for these two top applications. Sangoma is leveraging their capabilities by packaging a line of feature rich IP PBXs, UC 40, UC 60 and UC 100, that are designed as ready to go, packaged PBX solutions using a thoroughly tested commercially supported version of the open source FreePBX. Although most features are included in the basic unit, additional apps are available through a purchased license and this is where the PBXact UC series stands out. Apps, like Call Center and Operator Panel/Wall Boards easily integrate with the existing software making for affordable robust solutions. Call center applications can be costly, (Excepting PBX top choice.Queuemetrics, which designed for Asterisk, has partnered with Yeastar for their solution.), which makes Sangoma's Call Center solution such a stand out. Even with an extra license cost the end solution is still affordable and offers a variety of advanced features.

Users will like the UCP (User Control Panel) that comes as part of the package which provides each user with a web based login to allow easy control of their own extension(s) with such tools as call history, contacts and the ability to set soft keys (DND, forwarding, etc.) individually.

With the use of the Quick-start Installation Wizard and EndPoint Manager for configuration, Sangoma has delivered an affordable, easy to use and manage PBX solution that offers most SMBs an incredible package.

The UC 40 is a compact 5" x 5" x approx. 2" high device and weighs less than 2 lbs. It has an all metal brushed aluminum outside which acts as a heat sink as there is no fan. The box includes a wall mount bracket for easy mounting. The unit has no expansion slots for FXO or any other telephony cards, so if FXO, PRI or other types of connectivity are required then the options are the UC 60 or UC 100. If SIP trunks are to be used then the UC 40 is optimal. With an Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU, 120 Gig SSD, 2 Gigs RAM, and a Samsung 120 Gig Hard Drive the unit incorporates solid hardware.

Sangoma's PBXact UC 40 Reviews First-rate

PBXact UC is a top choice; dependable, easy to install, configure, and manage and it's commercially supported. Call center businesses will find it hard to beat.

Young professional rating.Sangoma's PBXact 40 is designed to make everything easy and intuitive. Their Quick-start Installation Wizard and EndPoint Manager take the guess work out of installation. Integrating plenty of advanced features, along with the call center app, the PBXact UC IS a stand out solution for companies that require a commercially supported, turnkey solution.

Sangoma PBXact UC 40 Datasheet

Sangoma PBXact sales Brochure

Sangoma PBXact UC 40 Asterisk appliance.

  • Zero Touch provisioning when pairing Sangoma IP phones.
  • Features include Conference Pro, Extension routing, Fax Pro, Time conditions and Visual voicemail.
  • Call recording records.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Quick-start Installation Wizard simplified with EndPoint Manager included for Sangoma IP phone configuration. (*Extra for other phones.)
  • Supports open SIP standards so numerous models of different phone manufacturers can be used. End Point Manager* allows you to use the GUI interface of the PBX to directly auto-provision & configure over 150 popular desk phones, wireless phones, door phones, overhead paging devices, gateways and specialty devices from the following manufacturers: Aastra, Algo, AND, Audiocodes, Cisco, Cyberdata, Digium, Grandstream, Mitel, Panasonic, Polycom, Sangoma, Snom, Xorcom & Yealink.
  • Sangoma phones use HTTPS, Secure VoIP Protocol and on-board VPN clients when integrating directly with PBXact UC VPN server software.
  • Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU, 120 Gig SSD, 2 Gigs RAM, Samsung 120 Gig Hard Drive
  • Fanless unit is all metal brushed aluminum outside to act as a heat sink.
  • Great support; lots of documentation and guides on Sangoma's wiki web forum.
  • Additional support available from Sangoma at an additional cost for those that need a level of service.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What we like about Sangoma's PBXact UC appliances.

Grandstream's UCM6202 & 6204 are recommended.Sangoma's PBXact UC takes the guess work out of an Asterisk PBX sitting on Linux using a hardened version of FreePBX as the front end. Their business model targets companies that want an affordable commercially supported version of FreePBX as a ready made, easy to install, setup and manage ip-pbx. In this the PBXact UC has succeeded with robust advanced features, dependable performance and a turnkey solution. Their Call Center App delivers a suite of advanced features that many businesses need; a ready to go solution that beats out most of the competition. The UC is built with FreePBX which already drives millions of successful Asterisk deployments worldwide and has been found to be well liked, intuitive and durable.

Sangoma S series IP-Phones offer a complete commercially supported PBX phone system, designed to work flawlessly.

Sangoma manufactures the S line of IP phones that complement PBXact's FreePBX version through design and testing. If you don't already have phones and get a PBXact or FreePBX system, then consider the S series IP phones. From the most affordable s300 model to the s700 executive model, these phones are well designed, attractive, sturdy and have the features that will make any new deployment outstanding.

Designed to work with FreePBX, installation is a breeze. Each model in the S series features Power over Ethernet (PoE), so no power cable or outlets are required. All have full duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet Ports, and provide for multi-way conference calling with high definition voice quality. They are also VPN (Virtual Private Network) capable.