Virtual Phone Service for Real Estate

Real Estate VoIP- Virtual phone service designed for Business Professionals.

Real Estate agent explaining VoIP.Real Estate agents can boost their professionalism and save money by getting the right VoIP service. Where time is money, there is no doubt that the right VoIP service will keep an agent in touch with their customers and boost revenues by reducing response time to a new prospective buyer.

Over 40% of the home buyers from the Internet choose to work with the agent that is the most responsive.

By using one number, in many cases a toll free number, not only will your prestige increase, so will your ease of doing business. One number that handles your calls, faxes, and messages and can deliver them wherever they're needed; your mobile phone, your PC or your office phone, it's up to you and it's easy to do. The right VoIP phone system is like having your virtual receptionist without the expense. And if that alone is not enough, you can customize greetings or informational messages quickly and easily, so the right message will play at the right time. So let's recap:

  • Get a toll free number; one number that handles calls the way you want them handled.
  • Record greetings and business messages that advertise your professionalism.
  • Stay in touch with the customers that are important wherever you are, home, office or the beach and only display a number that you want them to have.
  • Capture all your call records, easy to access, easy to read.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • Set up direct calls from your listings on the web; you're now one click away from a customer.

Real Estate Agents Should Use Cloud Based VoIP Phone Service Designed for Real Estate

Take a tour and see for yourself how a VoIP phone service will take your real estate business to the next level.

Put your communications in the cloud and never miss an opportunity again

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Consider these three options:

  • For agents and small groups of agents working as a team (2 to 5) we recommend Grasshopper Virtual Phone service as the best real estate phone system.
  • For real estate businesses, real estate offices with 5 to 50 employees and/or agents, we highly recommend RingCentral Office.
  • For those not sure which VoIP service would be best for a particular situation we would suggest completing our form under "Get Several Tailored Quotes" for comparing different services.