QueueMetrics Call Center Software

Asterisk IP-PBX Call Center Reporting App- QueueMetrics

Call center management with QueueMetrics.QueueMetrics is an inbound and outbound call center software that monitors call activity for comprehensive analysis and reports. Designed for flawless integration with Asterisk and Asterisk based IP-PBXs, the software suite enhances Asterisk to become a complete ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) solution that can be used to increase productivity. It allows easy real-time monitoring and analysis of call activity.

QueueMetrics Asterisk Call Center Management Software. A call reporting app for Asterisk based IP-PBXs that will improve your company's efficiency.

It's a highly scalable monitoring and reporting app that provides administrators a way to monitor agent productivity and supervise all activity in the call center. Using a well designed intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) to display metrics, the software measures targets, conversion rates and offers analytical views of campaign statistics.

Designed as an effective tool for call center managers to increase agents call success, QueueMetrics produces accurate reports at an affordable price. Able to support unlimited agents, queues and campaigns, complete performance reports can be gathered by agent and by queue. Reports can be granularly customized with over 200 metrics for calls, traffic and sessions. Metrics display completed calls, abandoned calls, and length of each call, information that can help improve efficiency.

Queuemetrics wallboard for call center statistics.The most critical aspect of any successful call center remains the ability to recognize what is happening at any given time. QueueMetrics comes with a customizable wallboard functionality built-in. Designed with easy to comprehend visual information that is displayed so that administrators can have exact data presented in a customizable fashion.

Metrics To Measure That will Improve Efficiencies

For inbound call centers there are a number of important KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that can be used to observe business execution. Each metric offers observations that can be used to maintain a superior standard of customer service.

  • Inbound Call Volume
  • Calls Blocked (Unavailable or busy tone)
  • Average Time in Queue
  • Call Abandonment Rate
  • Average Time to Answer
  • Average Handle Time
  • Transfer Rate
  • First Call Resolution
  • Occupancy Rate (Time agents are on calls plus completing associated work.)