Comparing Different Phone Systems

Compare different phone system choices.Different business environments require different phone system solutions.

Choosing the right business phone system.Not all companies are set up to switch to a cloud based phone service. Although on-premise PBX phone systems can cost more up front due to additional hardware they can offer cost savings over time. And because the call traffic or signaling occurs inside the company on the companies' network rather than involving switches hundreds or thousands of miles away provide consistent call quality. Replacing an existing phone system requires some planning, with a review of how current services (existing telecom provider) are provided and the building's cabling infrastructure.

Compare these types of phone systems to find which one is best solution.

A quick review of your business needs will help point you to the best phone system solution.

Answers to a few fundamental questions will go a long way when deciding which type of business phone system is the most beneficial cost effective solution. The best phone system solution often depends on your business and how it operates.

Each of the following scenarios will help point to the best solution.

Cloud Based Hosted VoIP Phone Service

  • Businesses changing their current service provider.

Just about all offices have a computer wherever a desk phone needs to be, so cabling is not going to be an issue. The primary consideration for replacing an older phone system with a newer one is how dial tone is currently delivered and whether to change the current provider. Many companies have a few lines with their local telecom company delivered over traditional CO lines. Calls to line 1 (the main number) come in and when busy roll to line 2, and onward. Four lines is not untypical for a small company, with a dedicated fax line. Making a move to a new cloud based phone service has multiple benefits.

  • Move the main number to a hosted VoIP provider and get as many extensions as needed.
  • Move the fax number to the same hosted VoIP provider and use their fax service.

The benefits will be among others, getting brand new technology and advanced features, lower initial costs, easy setup, one provider, easy self management with provider customer service assistance.

VoIP Appliance with SIP Service
  • Businesses that want to keep a couple of traditional phone lines, but gain the advantages of VoIP.
  • Companies that want to self manage their phone server.

There are cases where a business may want to keep a couple of their existing phone lines, but gain the advantages of VoIP. Keeping one or two lines would suffice with one for the fax line. Canceling several traditional lines will save those costs and by using lower cost SIP trunks for VoIP calling additional savings would be gained.

Advantages would be an all IP system with new IP phones and the ability to choose a low cost VoIP carrier for US and International calls. Total flexibility and customization. Managing your own VoIP appliance will save on outside management expenses.


On-Premise IP-PBX Phone System

  • Companies that need to stay with their current carrier.
  • A need for some digital phones.

Many mid-sized companies have their current service delivered by a PRI circuit which shares Internet and voice channels, plus a couple of dedicated copper lines for fax and alarm. If this is the case and the plan is staying with the current service provider, then a new on-premise PBX with a PRI card is required. Additionally, some small companies have multiple traditional CO phone lines and may want to remain with their existing carrier. They will need a replacement PBX capable of accepting those phone lines.
A second consideration is cabling and the companies' infrastructure. If traditional phone wiring needs to remain in use, because of cost issues, then a hybrid phone system solution should be a choice. A mix of IP phones and digital phones would be needed. Digital handsets would be used where there are no Ethernet cables.

  • Some suggestions might be Avaya IP Office PBX or a similar PBX system. Top PBX Companies

Advantages will be a new phone system with many advanced features and a chance to lower the cost from the provider by agreeing to a new multi-year contract.

Multiple Phone System Solutions
  • Company that needs a new phone system where cost is a primary concern.

Needless to say, there are many companies still using very antiquated phone equipment. The need to replace their system is critical, but affordability is a primary concern. Certain features like voicemail, conferencing and an attendant that can direct calls and offer a greeting based on the businesses schedule are desired.

  • A suggestion would be to have a telecom professional discuss specifics and offer a solution. Tailored PBX Quote

Advantages would be a replacement phone system with new features to help streamline business and once installed and setup wouldn't require changes.


5 Questions that will help Guide You to the Right Phone System

5 Questions for the Best Business Phone System