Move from Data Networking to IP Voice

How to Increase your Computer Repair Business by Selling IP-PBX Phone Systems

Computer repair business owner.Computer repair and PC support companies should expand by offering a small business Asterisk phone system.

Sell this VoIP appliance to increase your business, expand your services and gain revenue.

Ten Reasons Why Selling the Grandstream UCM6204 is the right Selection

If there is one business decision that all computer and PC support companies should make, it is to add a small business phone system to their offerings. Not just any PBX phone system, one that is reasonable in price, is based on open source Asterisk, is easy to setup and has great support, and will beat every other competitor with its robust features. It's the Grandstream UCM6204 and UCM6202. Take a look at the advantages:

  1. Priced where you will make money and still be well below the competition.
  2. It's more like a computer or router to learn than a traditional PBX, so making the move to this phone system for a data person will be relatively easy.
  3. The UCM6202 and UCM6204 models are the same except for the number of phone lines they can accept. Learn one, know them both.
  4. They are matched to accept Grandstream IP phones which are attractive, low in cost and easy to configure. This makes for package pricing which is easy to sell to your customers.
  5. Each phone acts as a switch, so wherever there is a computer the data cable can be shared, which means no additional cabling.
  6. The UMM62xx business phone system is the right PBX for your target business customers. Its ideal for the 5 to 50 person business.
  7. There are many online help tutorials and has great support from Grandstream.
  8. It has the features that small business owners want.
  9. It accepts traditional phone lines and VoIP (SIP) connections.
  10. It's totally expandable without any license fees or fees per feature.
Grow your PC business with this one additional product

By adding a voice component to your established computer business you will gain another piece of your customer's operating budget. And this additional revenue will be more than just a one time sale (if that were not enough). It will add continuous revenue as needed configuration changes are requested. These MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) requests will keep you in closer contact with your customers, gaining even more business. No other phone system offers the opportunity to a computer repair/PC support business as the Grandstream PBX. It's the best system in its class. It's lower in cost than Allworx and better in many ways. Here are some of the pluses for the UCM6204.

  • It accepts 4 traditional phone lines so your customer won't have to change phone service. (NOTE: Need less traditional lines? Then pick the UCM6202.)
  • It is VoIP ready. It can operate totally over VoIP or can combine VoIP connections and traditional phone lines.
  • It's small and easy to install.
  • The Grandstream GXP IP phones are made to automatically configure.
  • It's priced right and is the latest technology.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then check out even more information on Grandstream's UCM6202 Asterisk Phone System where you will find the best prices.

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