NEC DSX40 Review

Businessman for phone systems.NEC DSX40 Digital Business Phone System

The DSX40 phone system connects right up to your existing phone lines and comes standard for four telephone lines and 8 phones.

The The DSX40 system with IntraMail has a built-in Automated Attendant which can answer incoming calls, play a greeting, and allow callers to dial extensions and departments directly without an operator assistance or any additional equipment.
NEC has built an efficient and reliable, yet intuitive and easy to use business phone system. The standard system can connect up to four CO lines and 8 phones, but can easily expand to eight lines and 24 telephones, making the growing business safe for years to come. With packages that come in less than equivalent traditional phone systems, the DSX40 has been a big hit with with the 4 to 15 person business.

Young professional rating the DSX40 system.Review of the NEC DSX40 Business Telephone System

The NEC DSX40 is an affordable, dependable digital phone system designed for ease of use, but still offers a good feature set.

The DSX40 phone system has been powering many small businesses. These attractive systems have many of the features that satisfy many companies, without putting a big dent in the budget.

DSX40 Brochure

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Some of the advanced features of IntraMail include:

NEC DSX40 ohoine system.

  • Message Center – Notify groups of extensions of important messages with visual indication using a message center key.
  • Directory Dialing – Dial a name instead of a number to reach your party.
  • Message on Hold – Record your own informative company message.
  • Caller ID – Caller information is verbally provided with a voice mail message.
  • Message Notification – You can receive a call - anywhere - when a new message arrives.
  • Conversation Record – Save and record your conversation with the touch of a button.
  • Live Call Screening – Listen as callers are leaving you a message and pick up only the calls you want to answer.
  • Park and Page –Allows a caller to page you without operator assistance. You can pick up the call from any extension.