Add a line by using a Fax Share Device

ExpandAn idea to save money by sharing a fax line. a phone system; share the Fax Line

Too many businesses need an extra phone line, but fail to realize they can increase their phone system's capacity without the need to purchase an additional line from the phone company. The cost can easily be $40.00 to $50.00 every month for an additional business line, but by adding a line share device to your fax line, you'll save that extra expense and still get the extra capacity you need. It's an easy remedy, one that just requires the purchase of the device and an easy 10 minute install.

Sharing a Telephone Line with a Fax can be a Big Cost Savings The line will be used as an additional "roll over" line increasing call capacity and still take faxes.

Save $45.00 per Month Every Month on your Business Phone Bill with a Fax Share Device

A fax share device works automatically by screening and correctly routing all voice, fax and modem calls to the right equipment. They do this by reading the type of connection that is being made almost instantly and then sending that call to either the fax, phone system or other devices like credit card machines.
No rewiring is required to install a fax sharing device, they are pretty much plug the line in and connect the devices and the rest will be handled by the sharing device itself. First The Stick fax share device.plug it into the telephone outlet and then connect the selected voice/data ports to the pieces of equipment that are to share that line. It's actually that simple. The calls are routed correctly with no buttons to reset at all. Once it is installed it works on its own.

Here's a description of the features that the right fax share device will have:

  • Understandable simple manual explains operation, features and how to program the device.
  • It's compatible with all Caller ID services and hardware.
  • A Power/Call Status light lets you where the call is being routed. By a series of patterns you know if it's a voice call, a fax or for the credit card machine.
  • Maintains regular phone service in the event of a power outage.
  • No need for reprogramming or battery backups.
  • Will allow up to 4 phone/data devices to share a single phone line. Compatible with all phones, TDD equipment, fax machines, PC fax cards, and credit card machines that work as a modem.