Best Hosted VoIP for Small Business

Hosted VoIP providers offer small companies the best business phone system. It's all in the cloud.

Man explaining business VoIP.An Internet Business Phone System, hosted VoIP, is a PBX phone system that connects through the cloud. VoIP services use software, so there is usually no hardware to purchase, install or maintain other than IP phones. VoIP systems have become as reliable as PBX systems and are quick to setup and receive calls directly from the VoIP service provider over an Internet connection.
The Hosted VoIP provider handles all the features for the system and offers support to help with any setup configurations or technical issues. Features, such as call forwarding, find me follow me, forwarding calls to a cell phone, or setting up an auto attendant can easily be set through a web based admin control panel by the user. Inside this web based administration panel the user can see details of their calls and make changes from anywhere in the world.
Expanding business phone lines or services is quick and easy; just log into your account and choose what additional services you want ( a toll free number, an extra line, etc.) and then with the click of a mouse they are there. (There will be no need to wait days or weeks like with traditional phone service.)

Hosted business VoIP; the best phone system for most companies

Hosted VoIP offers businesses the freedom to have their phone system in the cloud and with that freedom comes features, ease of use, and the very best price. Take a minute and complete a few questions below and receive quotes that you can compare fro the best deal:

Hosted VoIP or cloud based phone service began using open source Asterisk PBX software. It enabled providers to create a platform without starting from scratch. The end result was lower costs.

Advantages of hosted VoIP (Cloud based Phone Service).

The advantages of business VoIP phone service are numerous and include:
Cloud based Business Phone System Features Explained

Phone consultant on the telephone.Features make a cloud based PBX phone system an excellent business choice. All business VoIP providers offer numerous advanced features and have plans for one monthly cost per user or line. Some typical features include:

Business VoIP Features do make a difference and improve productivity.

There are some features that practically everyone wants (and will use) and then there are some features that are only of special importance to specific businesses. Prospective users usually know how they want their phone service to operate, but are not sure of the terminology for specific features. To see some of what can be done with VoIP for real estate professionals or on the road salespeople, this article will show you:

VoIP for Real Estate Professionals