Grandstream Ucm6202 & UCM6204 Review

Grandstream UCM6202/04 IP-PBX VoIP Appliance Review

IP-PBX salesperson pointing.Grandstream's new SMB business ucm6200 IP-PBX series supports up to 500 users and 30/45 concurrent calls. designed for businesses that want to unify multiple communication technologies- voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, mobility options and facility access management onto one common network without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature or recurring fees.

Grandstream's UCM6200 series IP-PBX, recipient of a Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, is an updated UCM version with a more robust processor and additional capacity for the UCM6208. The look and feel are the same as their predecessor UCM series and continues with an easy installation process and simple configurations. Matched with their award winning GXP1700 Mid-Range IP Phones series, (Internet Telephony Product of the Year) for a complete system, this solution just could be the most cost effective, feature rich IP-PBX made. Grandstream has continually upgraded (added fixes, improvements, etc.) and tweaked their UCM Asterisk based series IP-PBXs, including release of a quantity of well written support documentation and how-to publications that make administration of these systems easy for Admin. PBX Top Pick Additionally, support from Grandstream can be found through an online support community as well as directly from Grandstream techs.

The ucm6200 series IP-PBX appliances are tailored for small to medium sized companies that want advanced call handling, easy setup and configuration, compatibility and interoperability with all SIP based endpoints. Grandstream's UCM6200 series IP-PBX makes it easy to control voice, video conferencing and facility access management all in one network from one appliance.

Grandstream's UCM6202 & 6204 IP-PBX Appliance Review

UCM6202/04 is probably the best affordable IP-PBX communications system for SMB companies.

Young professional rating the xBlue system.Grandstream's UCM6202 & 6204 IP-PBXs HAVE TAKEN THE HARD WORK OUT OF Installation. they support Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints. DESIGNED FOR medium sized companies, they have enough capacity for now and tomorrow.

UCM6200 Series IP-PBX Datasheet


UCM6202/04 IP PBX Asterisk Appliance with 2 or 4 telephone line ports (FXO).

Grandstream 6200 series ippbx front and rear views.

  • The UCM6202 & 6204 server can connect to standard telephone lines (2/4 FXO Ports).
  • Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints.
  • Easy to use Setup Wizard Built-in call recording- recordings accessed via web user interface.
  • Dual Gigabit network ports with integrated PoE. Dual core 1GHz ARM CortexTM A9 and 400Mhz VINETICTM A8 processors, 1GB RAM and 4GB Flash memory.
  • Supports up to a 5-level IVR
  • Built-in Call Detail Records
  • Supports voicemail and fax forwarding to email.
  • Multi-language auto-attendant.
  • No License Fees (Expand: add trunks, add Extensions, No Fees).
  • Security- addresses security risks and offers guidance when deploying UCM62xx.
  • Great support; lots of well written manuals and how-to step by step guides by Grandstream, plus a web forum, a YouTube channel with tutorials, and tech support.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.
What we like about the Grandstream UCM series IP-PBXs.

Grandstream's UCM6202 & 6204 are recommended.First of all the UCM appliances get the job done and are easy on installation and configuration. They are very affordable and can be setup with any one of several manufacturers of SIP based IP phones, however, they are really easy with Grandstream phones and all of the features are matched to work correctly. If you already have several SIP based phones, then you can use them saving that extra expense for new phones, however some features may be non-functional. For the best experience use the same manufacturer's phones. This holds for other Asterisk PBX manufacturers as well. So, as a package, Grandstream UCM appliance with Grandstream endpoints, is a top rated choice.

Grandstream keeps putting out guides, manuals and how-to articles, which help the administrator or installer of these systems. They have a support forum, a Video channel for tutorials and offer technical help over the phone.

Grandstream has been committed to the products that they build and it is likely they will keep these products (with updated models, of which the UCM62xx replaces the highly rated UCM61xx) for the foreseeable future. This is an important aspect when making a purchase, because too many PBX manufacturers have either disappeared or have been phased out of business. And several good products have just been discontinued; (Think of Mitel taking over Aastra and then discontinuing the Astralink PRO 160 IP-PBX.).

Add Grandstream IP-Phones for a feature rich, easy to configure, low cost ip-pbx solution.

Grandstream makes several models of IP phones that connect right up the the UCM62xx Asterisk IP-PBX appliance. For a complete system buy the UCM appliance and the number of phones that you will need. The GXP1700 series of SIP phones were the 2017 Product of the Year winner at the Internet Telephony Expo. Included in the GXP1700 series of mid-range IP phones are the GXP1760, the GXP1780 and the GXP1782. The GXP1760 offers support for up to six lines and three SIP accounts, as well as 24 programmable keys. Both the GXP1780 and GXP1782 support up to eight lines and four SIP accounts and offer 32 programmable keys. The difference between the the 1780 and 1782 is that the 1782 has dual Gigabit ports, while the 1780 instead has dual 10/100Mbps ports.

Good Security and plenty of Support documentation and how to guides.

Security for any Asterisk or other IP PBX is paramount. Grandstream has recognized the importance of good configuration and best network practices and gives the telecom/network admin complete guidance on this important topic:

Security Manual for the UCM6xxx Appliance

UCM6202 User Manual

We have assembled some popular guides, resources and other useful information for easy access:

Guides, Manuals and Resources UCM IP-PBX