Grandstream UCM Setup

Grandstream UCM 6102 /04 Setup Instructions

The web-based User Interface (UI) of the UCM 6102 PBX is just as impressive and easy to use as the appliance itself. Together it's a relatively simple project to be up and running in no time at all. The User Interface was born from FreePbx, which has been a mainstay for working with Asterisk for many years and what really is the icing on the cake to make things more reasonable to work with, than with Asterisk itself. By following the intuitive User Interface one can set up trunks to connect to the PSTN or SIP providers and set up an IVR and extensions to handle calls. Uploading custom voice prompts and setting call treatments like Ring Groups, etc. is straight forward.

Follow this instructional setup video for the UCM6102 and you'll see that this great little PBX has been well thought out.

Installing Grandstream's UCM6104 & UCM6102 Appliance

Instructional Video-Setup the Grandstream UCM6102/04

Basic Introduction to the Grandstream UCM61xx applianace.

For basic information about the Grandstream UCM business telephone solution. They are ideal for computer savvy individuals who want to add the telephony side to the network side.

Grandstream Setup & Training - UCM61xx Appliance