Grandstream UCM6102 Review

Grandstream UCM 6102/04 IP-PBX VoIP Appliance Review

Businessman pointing to the ucm6102 asterisk appliance system.If your business wants to move to the latest technology without making a big dent in your budget, then the UCM6102 IP phone system is the one to buy. This small IP-PBX delivers features and performance.

There are many reasons why the Grandstream UCM6102 stands out; it is extremely affordable, it is easy to install and it comes with the help you need to be up and making calls in no time at all. And it won the TMC 2014 Product of the Year award. This small IP-PBX office phone system allows you to keep traditional phone lines and still add the benefits of SIP (VoIP) lines, or just use it all VoIP. Made for small companies that want advanced call handling, it is both easy to setup and easy to configure. Connecting Grandstream IP phones has been simplified and as a package these systems have taken much of the difficulty out of installation.

Grandstream has currently discontinued the UCM6102 and UCM6104.

They have been replaced by the UCM6202 and UCM6204, both updated more robust versions of the predecessors.

For information: Grandstream UCM6202 & UCM6204

Review for Grandstream's UCM6102 & 6104 Appliances

The UCM 6102 is probably the most affordable small office IP-PBX phone system choice available to connect to your current phone lines and add VoIP capability.

Young professional rating the xBlue system.Grandstream's UCM6102 & 6104 IP-PBXs HAVE TAKEN THE HARD WORK OUT OF INSTALLING A NEW SYSTEM. DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY SMALL BUSINESSES TO MOVE TO THE POWER OF VOICE OVER IP and still keep a few of their existing lines.

UCM6100 Basic Setup Guide


UCM6102 IP PBX VoIP Business Phone Appliance

GrandstreamUCM6102 Asterisk IP-PBX

  • The UCM6102 & 6104 server can connect to standard telephone lines.
  • Automated detection and provisioning of IP phones.
  • Easy Installation Configuration.
  • Flexible Dial Plan with Advanced Call Routing.
  • Intuitive Graphic Central Control Panel for endpoints.
  • Integrated NTP server and Integrated LDAP Contact Directory.
  • Set time based conditions.
  • Gigabit network port(s) with Integrated PoE.
  • 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 512 MB DDR Ram, 4GB NAND Flash.
  • Can connect all VoIP through SIP trunks.
  • No License Fees (Expand: add trunks, add Extensions, No Fees).
  • Security- addresses security risks and offers guidance when deploying UCM61xx.
  • Great Support with lots of guides and how-to's by Grandstream.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.
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Advantages of a Premise Based Phone System.

If you're not exactly sure what type of phone lines you currently have then read this.

Different types of phone services explained.

Add Grandstream IP-Phones and your system will be complete.

Grandstream makes several models of IP phones that connect right up the the UCM6100 Asterisk IP-PBX appliance. For a complete system buy the UCM appliance and the number of phones that you will need. The GXP2160 IP Phones (shown below) are well liked, are very durable and have excellent acoustic qualities along with a color LCD screen. Below that are GXP1700 series of SIP phones and winner of the 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year. Included in the GXP1700 series of mid-range IP phones are the GXP1760, the GXP1780 and the GXP1782. The GXP1760 offers support for up to six lines and three SIP accounts, as well as 24 programmable keys. Both the GXP1780 and GXP1782 support up to eight lines and four SIP accounts and offer 32 programmable keys. The difference between the the 1780 and 1782 is that the 1782 has dual Gigabit ports, while the 1780 instead has dual 10/100Mbps ports.

Setup instructional video for the UCM6102.

Good Security Support documentation and how to Guide

Security for any Asterisk or other IP PBX is paramount. Grandstream recognizes the importance of good configurations and best practices and gives UCM admin complete guidance on this important topic: Security Manual for the UCM61xx Appliance.

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