Companies that are best suited for Business VoIP

Types of Companies best for Cloud Based PBX Business Phone Service

Hosted VoIP Salesperson.Small companies between 2 and 25 people often benefit by choosing hosted VoIP especially if their business falls into one of the right categories. Cloud based phone services offer tremendous value with advanced feature sets that can enhance business operations. Initial costs are significantly lower than an on premise phone system, however over when measured over time costs do converge. Additionally, small companies often pay a higher price per person when compared to large companies whose shear size mandates large discounts.

Considerations often rest with the type of business. A small call center requiring significant inbound call capacity often demands callers to be staged in a queue. Frequently this feature can increase the monthly service charge beyond the number of lines used. However, some cloud PBX providers provide plans with excellent feature sets tailored for small contact centers. Finding the desirable provider often proves to be critical over time. A growing business with several locations, each requiring a few lines is an ideal candidate for cloud phone service The benefits are flexibility, ease of installation and included support.

Types of Companies that should Choose a cloud based PBX.

Here's which small companies should consider choosing a business hosted VoIP service as a first choice

  • A brand new company that has sales people that need advanced communication features like find me, follow me, voicemail to email or text, etc.
  • Some businesses which have remote or home working employees.
  • Companies that need flexibility to increase or decrease call capacity on demand.
  • Companies with multiple locations.
  • Professional firms such as real estate, attorneys, wealth managers, and surveyors.
  • Companies soon to be relocating.
  • Businesses that have a sizable number of International calls.
  • Companies that require support and would not be capable of managing their own IP phone system.

While there are many good candidates for a cloud based phone service, not every business will end up with a financial benefit when measured over time and the better choice might be an in-house phone system, like some of the ones we describe in other articles. Part of the decision process should be based on who will and who is capable of managing the phone system and the associated costs.

Which small companies might end up with a costly service?
  • Some Larger Call/Contact Centers.
  • Finance companies that have business models that require call recording and storage, although some hosted VoIP providers do now include call recording in plans with good prices. (See our review on RingCentral.)
  • Small companies that need tailored integration with specialized CRM packages that will not integrate with hosted VoIP providers.
  • Companies that do not have in place the correct cabling or network.

Some Great Benefits of Cloud Based Business Phone Service:
  • Quick and easy Installation- Since no phone system resides at your business it's as easy as opening an account and plugging in your phones. Features can be turned on with a few easy clicks.
  • Connect through the Cloud- Remote workers can connect through their own broadband connection. Multiple locations can dial by extension.
  • Maintenance part of the Service- The VoIP provider maintains and upgrades the PBX, not you.
  • Support from the Provider- As part of the service support is included.
  • Advanced features- Hosted VoIP providers offer advanced feature sets with occasional upgrades and new improved features.

For Great Cloud Based Business Phone Service

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