Brother Fax Machine VoIP Settings

VoIP Settings for Brother Fax Machines

Brother Fax All-in-One machine.Brother All-In-One and Fax machines have been a small business standard in the industry and luckily Brother has responded to the VoIP revolution by making a Basic setting easy to access on their later model machines, which allows for faxing over VoIP. Many older Brother fax machines were very difficult, if not impossible to make any changes to the BAUD rate or ECM (Error Correction Mode). In the case of VoIP, the BAUD rate needs to be set to 9600 and ECM disabled. In Brother machines there is a Basic setting good for VoIP that can be found in Compatibility.

Faxing over VoIP with a late model Brother Fax Machine

How to Change Compatibility Settings for VoIP:
  • Press Menu, then select Fax.
  • Navigate to Miscellaneous, then Compatibility.
  • Select Basic for VoIP or Basic*.

*This selection will reduce the speed of the Brother fax BAUD rate to 9600bps and turns off ECM.

Faxing over VoIP on older Brother fax Machines

How to Set Overseas Mode for an Outbound Fax:
  • Pressing the Fax key should act to illuminate it. After which you will want to load your document that is to be faxed.
  • Next Press the Menu/(Set) key and then Press 2 and then 2 again and then Press 7.
  • Press the Up or Down Arrow and select On and then Press the OK Key.

On some machines you will find the Overseas setting under Fax Settings, Additional Functions, which can vary from model to model. After entering Additional Functions, the menus will display and the Additional Function Key will Blink. Use the Left (-) and Right (+) arrow to select the menu you want, in this case Fax Settings. Press Set.

Lowering the Baud Rate on some Brother Fax Machines:
  • Press the Menu/Set key the Press 2, then 0, then 1.
  • Use the Up or Down Arrow key and and then select Basic.
  • Press the Menu/Set key and then Press the Stop or Exit Key.

An Internet faxing service offers more features

Cloud based or Internet fax service is a great alternative for some businesses. There are advantages, although having a actual fax machine for many companies is a must. Before you decide which is best for you, learn about Internet fax services, their advantages and their limitations.