Low Cost Business Phone Options

Young businessman pointing out the best small business phone systems today.Best Low-cost Small Phone Systems Sold Today

There are many different types of business phone systems, some with almost every feature known and others that have hardly any of the modern day features a business would typically want. Navigating a new purchase of a small business phone system to replace an older dying one, can be a challenge, however, with online resources (like AsteriskPbxSystems.com) and additional information available, a confident business owner can choose the right type of telephone system and save thousands at the same time.

The best type of phone system depends on your current phone connections, as well as how you use your current phones. Read about different types of phone connections for a better understanding on which small business system would be best for your business. Different Types of Phone Service Explained

Three Types of Inexpensive Business Telephone Systems

The XBlue x16 Small Office Phone System

This lowest cost small system is suited for businesses looking for a lower cost phone system with from two to twelve employees. The X16 come equipped for connection to 4 telephone lines, but can be expanded if need be to 6 lines. The popular x16 bundle comes with four telephones and right out of the box has a robust list of features and is readily available. The number of phones that it can support can be increased to 16. Customers like the ease of installation, as well as the affordable price. No wonder this system is a good seller for those looking for a low cost alternative. Details of the XBlue X16 Phone System

  • Very Affordable
  • Easy to Install, Easy to buy. (Phone system in a box.)
  • Excellent Technical Support from the manufacturer.
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Expandable

Grandstream UMC 6102 & 6202 Series IP-PBX Appliance

Green best check for Grandstream UMC 6102.Grandstream's UCM6102 and UCM6202 IP-PBX appliances for small businesses are designed to be easy to manage and simple to install, which is a big deal in today's world. The 6102 model has ports for two traditional phone lines, while the 6104 has room for up to four. And the capacity of IP phones is large enough that any small business will not run out of capacity. Just connect up Grandstream phones, which are designed to be found in an auto-discovery with Zero-Configuration provisioning, and you're up and going in no time. Top pick for a small office affordable ip pbx.These Asterisk appliances are designed for quick and easy setup and deployment using a built-in intuitive web-browser user interface. And if that's not enough, you'll find lots of tutorials and support from the folks at Grandstream.

Grandstream has currently discontinued the UCM6102 and UCM6104. They have been replaced by the UCM6202 and UCM6204, both updated more robust versions of the predecessors.

*Grandstream recently released a second model of the UCM, the UCM6202 with extra capacity for users (endpoints) and concurrent calls. Read more about the highly recommended UCM6202: Details of the Grandstream UCM 6202 IP-PBX

  • Affordable, let the best latest technology.
  • Relatively Easy to Install
  • Excellent Technical Help from Grandstream
  • Easy to Configure
  • Durable
  • Totally IP (Can connect through VoIP and traditional phone lines.)

NEC DSX40 Business Phone System with IntraMail

The NEC DSX40 phone system is powering small offices and small retail businesses all over the world. It's an affordable dependable telephone choice that will last many years and offer enough features for most companies. With kits that include a 2 port IntraMail system, this business phone system will deliver late technology and still be able to connect up to your existing traditional telephone lines. It's perfect for businesses that want to replace an older key phone system without going to VoIP and still use existing phone wiring. It comes out of the box able to connect up to four telephone lines and eight telephones. These numbers are expandable, making the DSX40 a great choice for companies with 3, 4 or 8 employees, who may at some point need additional capacity. It can easily expand up to 16 or 24 phones and 8 telephone lines. Details of the NEC DSX40 Phone System

  • Affordable Compared to Other Proprietary PBXs
  • Easy to Use (once installed)
  • Durable
  • Expandable