Cloud Based Phone Service

Under 12 employees? Then Choose Business VoIP, Cloud Based Phone Service

Hosted VoIP and network salesperson.Small companies with under twelve employees should look at business VoIP as their first option. Hosted business VoIP or a cloud based phone service offers fast easy setup, quick number portability, if required and/or the ability to choose new local numbers. As well as virtual numbers and toll free numbers. Virtual numbers offered by VoIP providers bring a "local" presence and can expand a businesses' footprint quickly. Business VoIP is the best way to have a complete advanced communications service up and running in just a day. Most small companies today are choosing Internet packages that offer plenty of bandwidth that is capable to handle numerous lines. Certainly enough for a small office. Instead of installing an on-premise phone solution (PBX) which requires more time on installation and configuration, a hosted VoIP service is designed to allow a business to be taking calls in hours.

Offering plans designed to only pay for the features you need and not more, RingCentral has been the top choice for a cloud based business communication system.

Top Rated Choice for hosted business VoIP- RingCentral Office.

Open source Asterisk on Linux is what hosted VoIP providers typically use for their PBX software.

A good VoIP provider should have number porting completed for a new customer in a matter of days or sooner.

Top 5 Reasons for Small Business VoIP

  1. Cost Savings- Save money over traditional services with cheaper local, long distance and International rates.
  2. Feature Sets- Plenty of advanced features built-in at no extra cost.
  3. Mobility - Connect, make calls and manage the system from anywhere. Connect to mobile devices. Overwhelmingly, businesses have said their mobile devices make them more efficient. Work from home is easy.
  4. Service and Support- Providers make sure their services have the best features, latest updates and ensure any issues receive immediate attention.
  5. Control & Scalability- Add or reduce services easily. If you need to add an extension or other service it can be done with the click of a mouse.

These Types of Businesses are Made for VoIP
  • A new small business or start up. Use the savings to invest in other essentials.
  • Businesses that have one or more remote or home working employees.
  • Companies which need quick flexibility to increase or decrease services or other communication essentials.
  • Companies with multiple locations that want to link communications.
  • Professional firms like real estate, doctor's offices, attorneys, wealth managers, construction firms, project managers, home inspectors and surveyors.
  • Companies that might need to relocate soon or move locations on a regular basis.
  • Companies that call other countries and have a significant amount of International calls.

However some particular small businesses need to examine costs when considering VoIP service and compare specific extra add-on features that could drive up the expense. Two, in particular, are call centers and companies that require a hybrid solution of both digital and IP phones. These companies often include offices with warehouse facilities where re-cabling costs can be a can expensive. Individual scenarios often have specific demands that need to be addressed. In some cases an on-premise IP-PBX may end up costing less over time, but will require professional management.

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