SIP Trunk Choices for Low Cost Calling

How Some SIP Trunks are Better Than Others.

Man sitting at computer.SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks are connections over the Internet that carry voice or phone calls and connect with an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider). The connections are easy from an Asterisk business phone system (or other IP based system) and can benefit the end user with much lower cost calls. There are several business VoIP companies that offer SIP trunk type of connections, some of which have slightly different offerings than others. Not all SIP trunks are identical, some offer unlimited calls at one monthly price, while others charge a metered fee based on the number of minutes. This may not be the only difference between offerings as we shall see. Below we explain some significant differences in types of SIP trunk connections.

Connecting your on-premise PBX to a SIP provider allows a total IP solution saving costs. Rather than connecting to a local phone service with traditional copper lines, using only SIPO offers tremendous advantages and cost savings.

The right SIP trunk provider offers support, integration and reliability.

Variations in types of SIP trunk connections.

Single Connection SIP Trunk VS a Multiple Connection SIP Trunk

Man holding glass globe.SIP trunks can vary in the amount of "channels" or connections allowed. Some SIP providers only allow one connection per SIP account while others allow multiple connections with the same SIP account. The difference is substantial, in that a multiple SIP type of connection where several connections are allowed by the provider with one SIP account can be a big advantage for companies who need more inbound and outbound lines. The advantages of a multiple connection SIP trunk are:

  • Save Money- A "Multiple channel" or Multiple connection SIP trunk saves money in being billed only for lines when they are needed or are actually used.
  • Better Call Handling- A SIP trunk with Multiple Inbound connections assures a user that in the event of heavy call volumes that no calls get a busy tone.
  • Pay only for what is used- Metered SIP trunks charge only for minutes used which can reduce monthly charges from single connection SIP trunks where a monthly charge is billed each month for each line regardless of the minutes used.
  • Scalability- Rather than finding additional capacity in the number of connections is needed which would require purchasing another single connection SIP trunk, calls will overflow into an additional channel or connection automatically.
Check mark.SIP trunks can add lines to your existing VoIP PBX saving money on phone charges.

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