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Salesman offering the best routers for 2017.They have proved to be the best routers from their introduction in 2017, each is affordable, stable and can be flashed with DD-WRT, however, their out of the box factory installed software offers advanced features and configurations to satisfy even the most demanding network person. All three are easy to install, letting you get your network back up and running in no time at all and each can be bought today at affordable prices. Each router's built-in software comes with plenty of intuitive easy to configure settings that allow voice and any other protocols to receive higher priority, so they will perform up to expectations without competing with less important apps. Each pick has good range and will be stand-out choices for quite some time.

All of our three router picks are solid, fast, with plenty of hardware power and have been thoroughly tested and found to operate without issues, so your network performance will be all that you expect. Gamers, VoIP networks and small offices, which find more and more varied devices connecting up to their network, will each find excellent performance without degradation from any one of these routers. Each of the following top router choices for 2017 are durable, and affordable without sacrificing features, quality or performance.

1) Netgear R7000 Nighthawk X6 AC1900 Wifi Router

Throughput performance on both of the Nighthawk's 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz bands is excellent without any hiccups or other distractions, so connected devices will operate smoothly without interruption. The built in software offers QoS settings to prioritize voice or other protocols that you might choose and open source dd-wrt can be flashed onto this router for even more control. Easy to setup and configure the Netgear R7800 offers their own Genie management console that walks you through the steps to get it connected. At a price under $200.00 it's an impressive router for the money and is on almost everyone's recommended list. Amazing performance at a great price.

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 with DD-WRT firmware.


2) Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Wifi Router

OK, so you want to spend a little more and get some more beef. Then the R8000 Nighthawk X6 AC3200 will be the router for you. It delivers maximum performance today while future-proofing growing demands on your your WiFi setup. With more small offices needing to support numerous handheld wireless devices, this router will make that task very easy and that is why this router is a top choice for those that don't mind spending just a few more dollars.


3) Linksys WRT1900ACS AC1900 Router

Linksys offers the WRT1900ACS router, its latest advancement in the line. This router offers very high throughput with enough monitoring tools to make even the most demanding owners happy. And it can be flashed with dd-wrt for even more software power. Bigger and substantial with 4 external antennas, this affordable router will handle most needs for even the small office. The 1900ACS offers lots of high end features with great coverage and configuration options all in a router that delivers solid performance and could be the best router that Linksys has ever made.

Lynksys wrt1900ACS router. 

Open Source Firmware

Tip about flashing firmware.*Changing firmware from the manufacturer's suggested firmware will void your router's hardware warranty in most cases.

Installing firmware like Tomato or DD-WRT can be done without too much difficulty. There are many great tutorials that will guide you on the flashing process. Just get your router and locate the specific version of the firmware that goes with the model of router. However, sometimes you may just want to purchase the router with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware already installed and ready to go. In doing so the flashed router will cost more, however these routers are still bargains compared with equivalent proprietary manufactured models. Firmware is open source and free to anyone, but you still pay a markup for the service of having it installed and that is reasonable.

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Affordable without sacrificing power and features.
Linksys WRT1900ACS Review
"First i would like to start by saying i absolutely love this router. Its WIFI range is great, its dual band...It has a friendly User interface that allows everyday users to make changes as they see fit...also allows for media prioritization by simply dragging your computer, or any device to the top of the list...