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Best 3 Call Center Phone System Solutions

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Not long ago a small relatively new company wanted to know what would be a good VoIP phone system for a small call center. Their business was setting real estate appointments, and the company had just signed some new clients. The anticipated larger call volume demanded a good phone system solution which could be used to create call reports for their customers and effectively distribute calls between on-site employees and several remote workers. Staying in a reasonable budget was high on the list of priorities, as well as flexibility and scalability, along with a list of must have features.

Contact Center phone systems, are more affordable, robust, dependable and feature rich than at any time ever. Both cloud based and on premise solutions are within everyone's budget.

The results were two on-premise VoIP appliances with Asterisk based call center software and one all cloud based solution. Any of the choices would almost guarantee an exceptional small call center solution. All three contact center solutions are especially dependable, robust and well tested through thousands of deployments. And each choice affordable. Feature sets are robust and all three have everything most users would want plus many more. All of them offer easy setup and can be used with a desk phone or PCs with headsets, however the cloud based solution reduces hardware needs and is far easier to setup than the on-premise IP-PBXs. Each choice offers support from either the manufacturer or provider that will the person that will administer the system. The cloud based solution would afford the easiest in-house management and the two on-premise solutions both offer intuitive GUIs with self-help information.

Cloud based Call Center

RingCentral, best cloud based call center. RingCentral offers everything you might want for a call center for focusing on customer experience relationships and managing contacts for optimum results. With excellent integration, easy management, intelligent routing and keeping security tight, their contact center brings omni-channel routing with chat, call recording and prebuilt reporting tools.

It's no wonder Avaya recently announced a strategic partnership with RingCentral as their cloud solutions are some of the best in the business.

Some of the top points:

  • Totally a Cloud Call Center Solution
  • Fastest and easiest to deploy. Can be taking calls in hours.
  • Omni-channel communications.
  • Exceptional interface and great customer service.
  • Easy integration with most CRM apps.
  • Easily scale and simple to pick virtual numbers for a local presence.
  • Great solution for using PCs with head phones. (* Most SIP desk phones can be used if desired.)
  • Easiest to self manage and administer.
  • One vendor.
  • Provider offers video options and other advanced collaboration apps.

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Premise PBX with ACD

Yeastar S20 VoIP appliance with Queuemetrics.Yeastar's S series VoIP appliances have continued to excel in high call volume contact center deployments. Adding the QueueMetrics ACD package places them in the top three choices for a complete solution. QueueMetrics, designed from the bottom up as an Automatic Call Distributor for Asterisk, which is at Yeastar's core, gives users excellent granular results for those needing advanced call routing options and statistical reporting.

Yeastar with QueueMetrics combine to provide a call center suite that allows easy to produce and generate reports with an interface that displays queue statistics for granular performance tweaking.

Some of the top points:

  • Totally VoIP or with a combination of a few traditional lines.
  • CO lines can be used for both failover and a traditional fax.
  • All signaling between the phones and server stays on your controlled Local Area Network.
  • Using gateway card can connect via PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, ISDN BRI and GSM.
  • Choose low cost providers using SIP trunks.
  • Lowest cost over time for larger deployments.
  • Yeastar gets high marks for their GUI interface.
  • Works exceptionally well with the popular Yealink phones (* Most SIP phones can be used.).

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Asterisk with FreePBX

Sangoma Pbxact with FreePBX and call center apps.Sangoma, owner of FreePBX and the Asterisk project, provides the "only" sanctioned appliances hardened for fault free performance. With the total control one would expect from open source software, the PBXact and UC series of appliances removes all the headaches and gives customers the options to take care of business rather than spending endless hours of configuration.

With twenty-one years of development and use, many users are keen on remaining with Asterisk and FreePBX. Sangoma's appliances are now at the core of it all. Choose between the hardened PBXact or for those that want total control the UC.

Some of the top points:

  • Outstanding Call Center Suite of apps.
  • FreePBX and Asterisk are very familiar to many administrators who may want to keep with it.
  • All signaling between the phones and server stays on your controlled Local Area Network.
  • Very customizable.
  • Choose UC or PBXact versions.
  • Service Level Agreements available from Sangoma.
  • Choose low cost providers using SIP trunks.
  • Lower cost over time for larger deployments.
  • Matches best with Sangoma desk phones (* Most SIP phones can be used.).

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Conclusion - All three are Great Solutions

The right choice may depend on call center size and experience of administrators. Efficient management of any call center phone system is critical for a successful operation. Each of our three IP-PBX picks targets uncomplicated management and smooth scalability. And all three choices offer reasonable support from the provider with excellent online resources, including QueueMetrics, the ACD software reporting package for Yeastar and all Asterisk based IP-PBXs. A total call center solution should include software that collects detailed data as a tool for managers. One of the best is QueueMetrics an Asterisk IP-PBX Call Center Reporting App.

Cloud (UCaaS) based services bring an incredible array of apps to handle multi-channel communications, something which is bound to increase and become more of necessity over time.

Whether you want an on-premise VoIP appliance or hosted VoIP, choosing one of these three contact center solutions offers state of the art features. As far as size as a factor, for very small contact centers, perhaps under 5 or seven agents, then RingCentral would be the far better choice regardless of most other considerations. Eight to twenty-five agents, then any of the three choices. However, as the number of agents increases over twenty-five, then costs should be reviewed with a time horizon for the best analysis.

RingCentral brings collaboration tools, faxing and video with provider customer support. It's easy to integrate with a number of other apps. Having everything with one vendor keeps things less complicated and best for less experienced administrators. Yeastar and Sangoma both bring well tested hardware and software together with a vendor who is there to offer customer service, something rare with most traditional on premise IP-PBX solutions. All three companies have lots of online resources for guidance. Sangoma offers SLAs (Service Level Agreements) which may be important for some centers who must make performance guarantees.

Choosing any contact center solution requires matching the business' needs with a realistic budget. In addition, managing the contact center is an important consideration that needs to be addressed from the start.