Paging Installation with a VoIP PBX

Connecting Paging Systems to your PBX Phone System

Using a Cisco SPA112 or PAP2T as an analog extension for overhead paging

Group of young techies.If you are installing a Asterisk IP PBX system and need to connect to paging horns or speakers, the following information will help guide you through the installation. A few items that may be needed are a Cisco PAP2T or the later replacement model SPA112 or another ATA with an FXS port and a Bogan Tamb device. The Cisco SPA112 or PAP2T ATA will act analog extension on your IP PBX system and then connect to the overhead paging interfacing through the TamB. The connections, in most cases would be from an Asterisk server using a SIP extension for the analog ATA. Once that extension is dialed the dialer will be page through the horns or speakers. We would suggest that an extension outside the normal range of extension be picked; for instance, if the internal phones use 2 digit extensions like 10, 11, 12, etc., then perhaps a 3 digit extension like 700.

Using an ATA as an analog gateway to interface with paging

The SPA112 replaces the PAP2T, which has been used extensively in The VoIP industry. The ATA has two FXS ports which can be used as analog extensions for paging and other analog devices. By connecting the Internet Ethernet interface into an existing switch, you will be able to make the device act as an analog extension from your Asterisk server. For the very best price from a reliable supplier on a Cisco SPA112 ATA:

Best price on a Cisco SPA112 2 Port Analog Telephone Adapter.

Cisco SPA112 VoIP ATA.The Cisco SPA112 has two FXS ports to connect to traditional telephones and other analog devices, one Ethernet port and a power port. Note: Some SPA100 devices will come with two Ethernet connections, one the WAN or Internet the second for the LAN or as a PC connection.

A Bogan Tam-B will interface with many different paging and speaker systems

Bogan Tamb2.A Bogan TamB2 interface adapter will act as a gateway device to your paging or speaker systems. There can be several setups, each explained in the TamB2 manual. The connections can vary depending on the voltage requirements and other factors which the manual describes very we'll and gives you schematics for different types of devices. Check out these prices for a Bogan TamB2 (remember that not all devices are sold with the power supply, so check and purchase accordingly if you will require one):


Bogan TamB diagram for connecting paging to an Asterisk server.As shown the the connection from the Cisco IAD (SPA112 or PAP2T) connects directly to the TamB using the Tip and Ring connections where phone system is listed. From there the connections to the paging system would be handled with more specific information for different paging/speaker systems. This information with diagrams is spelled out in the Bogan Tam-B manual.

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Connecting paging systems to Asterisk diagram.Typically all the equipment would be located in the telecom/data closet and cross connected to the appropriate cabling. Setting up an extension in the Asterisk PBX will allow users to dial that extension and then page. Many ATAs have two analog FXS ports which would allow for a second analog extension (considering one is used for paging); such as an analog phone or other device. The second FXS port, if used, would be configured as an extension on the Asterisk IP-PBX and then cross-connected to the correct wiring for an analog phone, if so desired.

About interfacing with analog extensions, such as phones, paging, and others

Some PBXs have FXS Ports

Business phone and VoIP professional.

If your small system PBX comes with built-in FXS ports than these ports are ready to be used instead of a separate ATA. Connecting to the FXS port (traditional phone connection) could be used and configured as an extension for any analog devices, such as phones, and a TamB paging interface. The installation would be as above, just without the need for an ATA and would not go through an Ethernet switch connection, but be an analog connection from the PBX to the device.

Check mark.Having built in multiple FXS ports in your VoIP PBX can be advantage.



IP phone systems savings.

Asterisk based PBX phone systems not only reduce costs during purchase and installation, but afterwards as well. In addition to to reducing phone call charges by using a low cost SIP connection (VoIP), expansion costs less because of No License Fees. IP phones, if used connect over the data network, eliminating the need for service calls to make cross connect changes in the phone room. On IP just move the phone and it will connect as the same extension in a new location. Configuration changes are easy with a web based control panel instead of having to have proprietary software just to connect to the phone system or voicemail, which is the case with many traditional PBXs.

If you get a PBX with built-in FXS ports, savings can occur from using traditional phones, although IP phones are the better choice for most business applications. To better understand how traditional analog phones can be used we have listed star codes built-in inside of Asterisk. Depending on your PBX some of these may be disabled, but most should work.


Using an Analog phone ext.
Star code for Asterisk Analog Extensions (phones).
  • *0 Flash external trunk
  • *60 Blacklist last caller, caller ID must have been present
  • *67 Disable Caller ID for next outgoing call
  • *69 Call return. Dials number of last caller if caller ID was present
  • *70 Disable call waiting for next call made or until phone hang-up
  • *72 Enable call forwarding
  • *73 Cancel call forwarding
  • *77 Enable Anonymous Call Rejection
  • *78 Enable Do Not Disturb
  • *79 Disable Do Not Disturb.
  • *80 Blacklist the caller who called previously, the Caller ID had to have been present
  • *82 Enable caller ID on a line with per-line blocking
  • *87 Disable Anonymous Call Rejection

Larger installations may require numerous analog phone connections. Rather than using an excessive amount of 2 port ATAs, one larger device with 8 or more ports is recommended for both ease of configuration and endpoint management. The Grandstream GXW4008 may be the best solution.

Connect Analog Phones to Asterisk PBX