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Grandstream UCM resource person.There are many reasons why we like Grandstream's UCM IP PBX systems. They are Asterisk based, have a very intuitive front end for easy navigation, especially for admin that comes from a computer based background rather than a telephony background, and are very affordable. Without sacrificing features or quality, a small to medium sized company can purchase an IP-PBX that will handle their phones with more features than most companies need and also control all their SIP endpoints (cameras, facility management, etc.). Matched with Garndstream phones, which have a long good history of being dependable reliable phones, installation and configuration is easy. However, these are not the only reasons; those that need assistance through guides, forums and helpful video tutorials (which is just about everyone) have a community of assistance from Grandstream.

UCM6-series Guides, Manuals and Configuration Resources

These guides, manuals are for the UMC 6100 and UMC 6200 Series IP-PBXs

Grandstream UCM6100 Series Datasheet

Grandstream UCM6100 Basic Configuration Guide

Grandstream UCM6100 Technical Training

Grandstream UCM6102 Quick Installation Guide

Grandstream UCM6104 Quick Installation Guide

Grandstream UCM6102 User Manual

Grandstream Configuring UCM6100 Series with FreePBX Tutorial

Grandstream Configuring UCM6XXX with GXW410X

Security Bulletins and Guide

Grandstream Security Bulletin GS13-UCM001

Grandstream Security Bulletin GS13-UCM002

Grandstream UCM IP-PBX Security Manual

UCM6200 Series

Grandstream UCM6200 Series Comparison Sheet

Grandstream UCM6200 Series Datasheet

Grandstream UCM6202 Quick Installation Guide

Grandstream UCM6204 Quick Installation Guide

Grandstream UCM6202 User Manual

Default password for UCM62xx appliances. Take Note.

UCM appliance password.After accessing the default web GUI login page enter default administrator
username “admin” and password. Units manufactured starting January 2017 have a unique random password printed on a sticker attached to the appliance. Older units manufactured before January 2017 will have a default password of “admin”.

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