Using SIP Trunks for IP-PBX Explained

Use SIP Trunks with your PBX for an Affordable Calling Solution

Many companies are satisfied with their current in-house PBX phone system even though they may want to explore the benefits of Internet telephony or VoIP. If you’re one of these companies, a SIP Trunking solution allows you to gain the advantages of VoIP and reduce your telephone costs.

Adding SIP trunks should lower calling costs. Configuration in your PBX should be easy with the help of the provider.

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk is a voice connection that carries the voice and data over the Internet from a IP-PBX phone system which sits on premise. Instead of using an existing traditional copper phone line the call uses your existing broadband Internet connection to carry the SIP trunk offered from a VoIP provider. By adding one or more SIP Trunks you can get VoIP connectivity without having to give up your traditional phone line(s). SIP Trunking allows you to communicate with all the conveniences of modern VoIP technology and the cost savings and other advantages that come with it.

SIP Trunk Pricing Comparison

The number of SIP trunks a business may need is determined by a few factors such as call volume and the available bandwidth of the businesses' Internet connection.
VoIP provider's general guidelines suggest roughly 1 SIP trunk for every 2-3 users, which will ensure enough phone call capacity to support the amount of concurrent calls at peak times. However, this does not hold true for call centers which might need 1 trunk or more for each employee.
Having a stable robust Internet connection is an important part of a successful deployment when adding SIP trunks. Each SIP trunk uses bandwidth, both download and upload for each call. Internet service providers (ISPs) are now offering more bandwidth at lower prices than ever before. Insufficient bandwidth is less likely to be an issue than in past years. A provider will make sure that your connection is enough for the amount of trunks that need.
Costs for SIP trunks vary from one provider to the next. Some carriers have a cost billed per month per trunk with an additional low cost per minute when calling, while others charge a flat fee for each trunk and include unlimited call usage.

The Best SIP Trunk Providers Get High Grades for:

Among the top four items customers say is important for a SIP Trunk is:

  • Stability of the Service
  • Customer Support
  • Scalability
  • Security