Reasons Why Business VoIP Makes Sense

7 Reasons for Putting Your Business Phone System in the Cloud

Young man smiling on cloud phone connection.With bandwidth pipes getting bigger, more robust and less expensive, everyone is connecting to the cloud for everything from storage and sharing, to apps and social media. And now businesses are finding that they can have their business phone system there as well, and as more businesses change to a hosted PBX model, it's just a matter of time before it becomes the norm. Until that time, we should point out the benefits, so when you decide on a phone system you'll know which factors are important and how the benefits will impact your business.

1) The Cost Factor

Lower calling costs through VoIP (Voice over IP) can add up to a substantial savings over time, with lower US and Canada call rates, as well as savings on International calls. These savings however are just part of it; equipment and maintenance are other big cost savings.

2) An Easy Setup

Without the need for an installation of PBX hardware connected to carrier lines, setting up a cloud phone service is quick and effortless. The initial account can be done in a few minutes and once complete the phones connect right to the VoIP provider. With new numbers you're ready to make calls right away.

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3) Support and help

Providers are there to assist in setup and help in configuration, however, after a short time you will find making changes to how you will handle your calls is not as hard as you might imagine. Navigating a cloud phone service is much like what you're use to on a computer, rather than what you might have seen on an older traditional phone system.

4) Scalability

Companies often find the need for an additional extension or another phone number and when they do cloud phone services are as easy logging into your account and adding services. There is no need for a phone guy to come out and do his work in the phone closet, those days are gone. Once again lowering costs.

5) Less equipment to buy and maintain

Cloud based service requires phones at the premise, or just your computer and a headset if you prefer, but not the PBX cabinet and other phone hardware that traditional PBX or key phone systems require. This simplifies things in several ways. First the less hardware that needs maintenance the better and second the service provider handles all the upgrades.

6) Connecting to your phone system

One of the beauties of the cloud is that you can connect to it from almost anywhere. The advantages of VoIP can not be understood until something that may not have thought about becomes a need and you find that yes, that can be done. Whether your out on the road or at the beach on vacation, you will be connected. It's up to you, but for those that you want to be able to find will. And you'll be able to totally control these actions by just logging in over the cloud.

7) Making changes quickly and easily

Routing calls and setting up attendants, messages on hold and all the other stuff that businesses do on a regular basis is twice as easy with cloud services, it's what its all about.

Learn more about business cloud based phone service and how it's right for your company.

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