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Asterisk PBX Systems will give you the information you need when choosing a VoIP business phone system. Whether it is a small in house VoIP PBX or a cloud based voice service (hosted business VoIP), we want to point you in the right direction. And once you understand the differences, you'll be able to determine which are the best choices for your next communications solution. Asterisk, an open source communications PBX software, is at the heart of most cloud based business VoIP systems and many recent on premise PBX systems. Asterisk PBX Systems wants to give you the information to make your move to VoIP an easy one. We understand that not every business has the same needs, but at the same time we understand that not all decisions need to be complex and hard. We have already picked the best small business phone solutions based on quality, reliability, advanced feature sets and value.

Asterisk based on Premise IP-PBX Business Phone Systems

Corporate office phone presentation by man in a suit.An Asterisk Server based business VoIP phone system is a reliable, affordable communications solution for small to large businesses that need robust features at low prices. Asterisk, an open source PBX phone system software without license fees, allows manufacturers to offer complete systems at lower costs without sacrificing features or reliability. No longer are the days of having to spend enormous amounts of money to get a feature rich phone system. Now with Asterisk servers having gone mainstream, more and more people are discovering just how good these PBX systems are and all come at very affordable prices.

Advantages of an Asterisk based VoIP PBX System
The advantages of getting an Asterisk Server for your business communications are numerous, we have listed a few here:
  • Affordability- Lower pricing means more money left over for your business operations. Asterisk VoIP phone systems use an open source PBX software that saves development costs and licensing fees. These savings are then passed along to the consumer in lower prices for their equipment.
  • Features- A robust set of features is what will make your business communications work the way you need it to. Asterisk is loaded with features, a truly big phone system.
  • Dependability- Having been around for over 17 years, Asterisk powers millions of phone systems around the globe. The open source community has collaborated with new releases of Asterisk sharing resources to make it better, stable and with the best new features. It is now the go to standard for VoIP business phone systems.
  • No License Fees- Being an open source based system means no proprietary license fees every time you want to add something. Additionally, most Asterisk phone systems can use any SIP based IP phone, which allows you to purchase your phones online at the best prices.
  • Able to use your choice of IP phones- No one single phone is right for everyone or every company. With Asterisk based business systems you should be able to pick different manufacturers and which IP phone is right for you.
  • In-House Management- Asterisk based IP-PBXs offer easy, intuitive Web interfaces (GUI) that are intuitive and allow for even small companies to take control of their own phone system management.

Cloud Based Phone Service- Hosted Business VoIP

Cloud based business phone system salesman.Any small company looking for a new phone system should consider a cloud based business Phone (Hosted VoIP) service or an in-house Asterisk based PBX phone system using SIP trunks. Both offer terrific cost effective options over a traditional proprietary PBX. Business hosted VoIP is perfect for many companies, including, but not limited to new offices without any phone services yet installed, companies with multiple locations, real estate offices, and certain types of call centers. The advantages of business hosted VoIP are numerous. You'll get a phone system that is truly state of the art with features like voicemail to email, attendant menus, call forwarding, message or music on hold, an administration portal, etc. You'll also get a service that can be up and running in minutes with low initial costs and a monthly service fee that will beat traditional phone services by a large amount. Savings you can put to work in other places, like expanding your business. The other option is an on premise Asterisk based PBX system which can connect directly to any existing phone lines that you might already have. You get all the best latest features at such an affordable price that within a few months the savings that can be realized will pay for the phone system. We offer you information on both types on business phone systems, cloud based and an on-premise IP-PBX, so you can make the best choice for your business model and particular circumstances.

How to decide if hosted VoIP is best. Hosted VoIP or Premise Based Asterisk PBX

We want to make it easy for you to pick the right cloud based phone service provider. These providers are known for delivering reliable business solutions that are easy to use, incredibly advanced and priced right.

Small Offices are best for hosted VoIP in 2020. Business VoIP - Best for small Offices

What's best about a cloud based phone system.  Benefits of Hosted Business VoIP

Get dependable, affordable, feature rich business VoIP: Cloud Based Phone Service

Advantages of a Business Hosted VoIP Phone Service
Using a Asterisk Server cloud based voice service for your business will make your company appear big and save money. some advantages are:
  • Affordability, save money- Hosted VoIP will lower your phone bills substantially from traditional phone service. Providers offer local and long distance plans for one low monthly fee. Save substantial amounts on International calls.
  • Easy to start, easy to setup- Since no phone system resides at your business it's as easy as opening an account and plugging in your phones. Features can be turned on with a few easy clicks.
  • Easy to add or subtract services- Using your administration portal you can add another number, extension, toll free number, etc. quickly and efficiently.
  • Anywhere employees- Remote workers or work from home employees connect right up. Two business locations, no problem, they all connect up.
  • Advanced feature rich system- Hosted VoIP providers use Asterisk software for the phone features. It gives you the advanced tools that can grow your business; from an attendant to voicemail to email, to queues, to easy forwarding and simultaneous ring.
  • No more missed calls- Prevent busy signals and missed calls by setting up the system to direct and handle calls.
  • No on site PBX, no maintenance- The VoIP provider maintains the PBX, not you. Without all that phone equipment you'll save money by not needing the phone guy to maintain equipment and do those on site visits every time you need and phone moved.

These Asterisk PBX phone systems are the best ever

Several manufacturers have leveraged Asterisk and Linux, building both their own SIP phones and their own PBXs that when used together take the guess work out of installation, configuration and management. These Asterisk based PBX server appliances are some of the best self management phone systems available anywhere and are being selected in thousands of successful installations worldwide. They are affordable, stable and extremely feature rich business phone systems that can be installed and managed by the end user or in-house admin. More companies are realizing the benefits of these in-house IP-PBXs and the savings realized over both traditional PBX manufacturers and even cloud based systems.

Best On Premise Asterisk based IP-PBXs

In-house Asterisk PBX systems are beating The Competition

In the last few years thousands of Asterisk based phone systems have been deployed worldwide. These systems have proven to be dependable, affordable solutions that beat out most of the traditional PBX competition. Now several companies have started to manufacturer affordable IP-PBX appliances built with Asterisk on Linux that can easily be installed, configured and managed by users. The costs are so reasonable and the solutions so outstanding that more and more companies are deciding an in-house Asterisk based IP-PBX is the way to go. Costs for 3 Top Rated IP-PBX Systems