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How much does a PBX typically cost?
How much does a PBX cost?
The best affordable small business phone systems.
Best On Premise IP-PBX Systems for 2018
The Best 3 Asterisk UC IP PBX Systems
Costs for 3 Top Rated Asterisk UC IP PBX Systems
The Best Small Business Phone Systems
Why now in 2017 an in-house PBX Makes Better Sense than Hosted VoIP
How computer repair & data companies can expand business by selling the right phone system.
How Computer Service Companies can increase their revenue.
The Best IP-PBX Phone System for the Data Guys
5 Things You Need to Know when Selling a Phone System
This is what you need to know about choosing the best affordable business phone system.
Asterisk IP-PBX Phone Systems for under $1000.00
Premise PBX vs. Hosted System
Top 5 reasons for a Premise Based Asterisk System
XBlue X16 Business Phone System
Grandstream UCM6102 & 6104 Asterisk IP-PBX
NEC DSX40 Business Phone System
The best affordable Asterisk based on premise business phone systems available anywhere.
Grandstream UCM61xx IP PBX Overview
Grandstream UCM6101 & 6104 Installation
Grandstream UCM6202 and 6204 IP-PBX Review
Grandstream UCM6xxx Guides and Resources
Sangoma PBXact UC 40 Review
Yeastar MyPBX SOHO Appliance Review & Overview
Yeastar S-Series S20 VoIP PBX Review & Overview
Chinese Manufactured Asterisk PBX Systems
AastraLink Pro 160 PBX Appliance Review & Overview
Who should get Hosted Cloud Business VoIP Phone Service and why they need it.
Top Reasons Why Businesses Choose Cloud PBX in 2018
Under 10 employees- then VoIP Cloud Service is Best in 2018
Companies best suited for Cloud Based Phone Service
Business VoIP- About Hosted VoIP
7 Reasons for Putting Your Phone System in the Cloud
Hosted VoIP Benefits
Choosing the Best Business VoIP; Consider this.
Real Estate VoIP Service
SIP trunks- what they are and why they make sense.
SIP Trunks
Add a SIP Trunk to Your Business Phone System
Installation tutorials, how-tos, and setup information to make your phone service the best.
Installation & Setup
Which type of business phone system is best for you.
VoIP network Setup
VoIP Stability- What needs to be looked at.
Install a Fax share device for an additional Line
Using a Cisco SPA112 as an Analog Extension
Using a Cisco SPA112 as a Fax Machine Gateway
How to setup a Grandstream GXW400x or HT814 Remote Gateway
Grandstream GXW4008 for multiple FXS analog Phones
Grandstream GXW4104 for Remote analog Phones
Interfacing Asterisk with Paging
Asterisk Echo Settings
Asterisk Star Codes
SD-WAN - Software Defined WAN
SIP Signaling
List of SIP Response Codes
Securing Asterisk From Hacking
Configuring a Cisco/Linksys VoIP ATA Router
Setting Up Grandstream's UCM6100 Series PBX
Installing and configuring S series Yeastar PBX
How to do a Factory Reset on Yealink SIP phones
How to do a Factory Reset on Grandstream GXP phones

The best affordable small business routers.
Linux Tomato Firmware; Possibly the best VoIP Router
5 Best Small Office Routers
Best Routers in 2017
Top 5 Flash Routers for 2018
The best affordable Music on Hold System.
On Hold Plus OHP8000
Troubleshooting help for issues that you may encounter with Voice over Internet.
VoIP Troubleshooting
Finding issues with your VoIP quality
Troubleshoot one-way audio
How to Disable SIP ALG on Your Router
Troubleshoot broken voice
Accessing your Cable Modem to Check Signal Levels
Explanation about Faxing over a VoIP connection and how to have the best results.
Adding T.38 Faxing Capabilities to Asterisk
Faxing over VoIP
Brother Fax Settings
HP Fax Settings
HP All-in-One J3500/J3600 settings
These are the best IP (SIP) phones to consider with an Asterisk (VoIP) PBX service.
IP Phones
Frequently Asked Questions about Asterisk Phone Systems, VoIP, SIP Trunks and phones.

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Asterisk, open source PBX phone system operating software.

             Asterisk- for those that want good response, even at high speeds.

Asterisk PBX Business phone systems and Hosted VoIP, also known as a Cloud Based Phone Service, have become the two most viable options for small businesses.  We want to offer you information and guidance about the best choices for your next business phone system.