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Best Business VoIP Provider- Cloud Based Phone Service

What is hosted VoIP?

Man explaining business VoIP.An Internet Business Phone System, known as hosted VoIP, is a phone system which uses the Internet to connect with a provider who houses most of the equipment which the phone system requires to operate.  After opening an account the user or customer plugs in IP phones at their office which send and receive calls directly from the VoIP service provider over their Internet connection.  The Hosted VoIP provider additionally handles all the features for the system and offers support from their staff to help with any setup configurations or technical issues.  This service is a cloud based voice service, as the provider handles everything at their location, sending phone calls and features to the phones located at the user's premise.  Features, such as call forwarding or setting up an attendant can easily be set through a web based admin control panel by the user.  Inside this web based administration panel the user can see their calls, both inbound and outbound and see how calls are routed.  Expanding business phone lines or services is quick and easy, just log into your account and choose what additional needs are and then by the click of a mouse they are there.  (There will be no need to wait days or weeks like with traditional phone service.)

Hosted business VoIP can be the best phone choice for many companies.

Hosted VoIP offers businesses the freedom to have their phone system in the cloud and with that freedom comes features, ease of use, and the very best price. Take a minute and complete a few questions below and receive a best price quote:

Advantages of hosted VoIP.

The advantages of business VoIP phone service are numerous and include:
  • VoIP saves money over traditional phone service, which can easily be as much as 40%.
  • Low cost Long Distance calls and International Calls with plans that include unlimited calls for one monthly expense.
  • Numerous features, including attendants, extension dialing, voicemail, voicemail to email, forwarding, and more.
  • Help and support are only a quick call away. 
  • There is no need to buy or maintain expensive PBX hardware, the provider takes care of that.
  • Get only enough IP phones and lines as needed. There is no need to commit to more than you actually need as its easy to add services later.
business phone system features explained.

Phone consultant on the telephone.The following features help make a cloud based phone system the state of the art system they are.  Not all providers have all of the following features and some may be added with an additional charge.  Check which ones you need, then check the business VoIP providers information to see if they offer them.

Administration Control Panel - A web based interface where your system can be configured, user and account information administered, and call detail logs be viewed.  An administration control panel that is intuitive and user friendly goes a long way in making a complete system.

Attendant - The attendant answers incoming calls with a custom greeting and is the first voice heard by your customers.  From there callers can choose options for such things as departments, people, extensions or even prerecorded messages depending on how you choose to set it up.  An attendant eliminates the need for full time receptionist and help make the smallest business big and professional.

Extensions - Having multiple extensions allows incoming calls to be routed to either people, message extensions, or even mailbox only extensions.  Virtual extensions are extensions that may not have a physical phone connected to them but still are able to take calls.  One example would be an extension where callers get to listen to a specialized pre-recorded message.  Calls made between extensions, even ones located at remote sites are typically no charge calls which add to large savings for many businesses.

Follow Me - Sometimes referred to as Find me - Follow me, is where a phone call uses a list of numbers to try so that you never miss a call.  Some VoIP systems are so sophisticated that when you're at your office desk calls will automatically route there and when you leave will automatically be forwarded to your cell phone.

Inbound Faxing - Faxes can be received by the hosted PBX system and then sent to the user via email, usually as a PDF attachment.  The server automatically detects the inbound fax.  Your phone number also becomes your fax number.

Call Recording - Recording calls can be done with the click of a mouse.  Once recorded these messages are stored with specific details for later retrieval.

Music or Message on Hold - MOH offers professionalism and fills in the silence many callers dislike.  Using a professional service for your recordings can make your messages stand out and deliver new business.

Conference - A built in conference feature allows users to join in on a conference call any time without the hassle of having to make specific arrangements in advance.

Call Scheduling - Also referred to as time based routing, call scheduling allows you to set specific call routing rules for certain times, whether that is weekends, nights or holidays.

Call Queue - Allowing calls to wait for an available agent, a call queue is a like a phone waiting room.  Announcements can usually be set to tell a caller their position or wait time.

The VoIP Features that make a difference.

There are some features that practically everyone want (and will use) and then there are some features that are of special importance to certain specific businesses.  In most cases, prospective users know how they would want their phone service to operate, but are not sure of the terminology and what exactly may or may not be easily be accomplished.  For real estate professionals and on the road salespeople:

VoIP for Real Estate Professionals

Hosted Business VoIP

Seven of the biggest benefits for your business to use hosted VoIP.

The 7 Biggest Benefits of Hosted VoIP

Is hosted VoIP right for you?

Not all small businesses are good hosted VoIP candidates.

It is true that not all businesses are right for hosted VoIP.  The businesses that are best suited are small businesses and multiple site businesses.  Each location would need to have an Internet service with enough bandwidth to comfortably handle the amount of simultaneous calls needed. 

  • Each call would require approximately 100 kbps Upload and Download or 40 kbps Upload and Download depending on the provider.  Plus enough additional bandwidth for your other Internet usage, such as email, web surfing, etc.

Our definition of small businesses which we recommend services for, are ones that have less than 10 phones at each location.  These types of small businesses are perfect for business hosted VoIP.




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