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Hosted Business VoIP Benefits

Business Hosted VoIP for small companies.

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VoIP and IP telephony has become the communications system of choice for both small and large businesses.
  A hosted business VoIP service is ideal for the small business being much more affordable and feature rich than traditional telephone service.  A hosted VoIP service allows a small business to have a big business business presence with a communications system that has robust features at an affordable price.  With big upfront savings and monthly plans that can accommodate almost any budget hosted business VoIP services are one of the first choices for very small businesses.

Cloud Based Voice Service or Business Hosted VoIP.

Hosted VoIP Providers, also known as Voice Cloud Service, offer support and guidance which many small organizations cannot afford on their own.  With an off premise or cloud based phone solution there is no need for server deployment, configuration or maintenance and the risk associated with a new installation.  The provider has done all those requirements and takes care of the features, functionality and upgrades that may be required.  They will offer support for their customers helping them with configuration issues, troubleshooting and installation.
Although an Asterisk based solution may be the answer for the larger than 12 phone office, or the small company that wants to keep some of their traditional phone lines and carrier, the ease of deployment of a hosted solution should make it the first choice in small companies that lack the IT professionals for more complex installations.

Business VoIP or an Internet Business Phone Cloud Based System (or a hosted PBX system) is a phone system where the provider houses most of the equipment and handles the technological needs and resources which the phone system requires to operate.  The provider usually handles the support for the service eliminating the need for an in house phone tech, further reducing overhead.  Customers contract for their PBX phone services and forgo most of the expenses for PBX equipment.  IP phones, such as Polycom SoundPoint phones, are usually the main hardware purchase for the customer and they connect through an Internet connection (router) using VoIP technology to the hosting company's servers, which then handle the phone calls, extension dialing and other advanced calling features that a business requires.

Some of the benefits of hosted voip are:
  • Lower cost, big savings-  Get local and long distance plans that are lower cost with one monthly fee.  Save substantial amounts on International calls.
  • Easy to start, easy to setup-  Since no phone system resides at your business it's as easy as opening an account and plugging in your phones.  Features can be turned on with a few easy clicks.
  • Anywhere employees-  Remote workers or work from home employees connect right up.  Two business locations, no problem, they all connect up.
  • Advanced feature rich system-  Just like the big business PBX, hosted VoIP gives you the features and tools that can grow your business, from an attendant to voicemail for everyone to call forwarding.
  • No more missed calls-  Prevent busy signals and missed calls by setting up the system to direct and handle calls.
  • No on site PBX, no maintenance-  The VoIP provider maintains the PBX, not you.  Without all that phone equipment you'll save money by not needing the phone guy to maintain equipment and do those on site visits every time you need and phone moved.
  • Automatic Upgrades- VoIP business phone service is continually becoming more advanced with new features.  Rather than having to go through the cost and disruption of system upgrades to an on premise based PBX, a business can benefit from a cloud based voice provider's late technology and upgrades done at their expense and time.

Does your company have an existing in house phone system that needs to be replaced?  Then you might want to read out business phone tutorials to better understand your choices.  Start by understanding the different types of services, traditional business lines vs. VoIP.  Then learn about existing business phone systems that allow for both VoIP and a couple or traditional lines.

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Save by moving to the cloud: business VoIP.

What features to expect.

Business VoIP features.

The hosted VoIP or Cloud Based Voice service provider's services will include features like an auto-attendant, extension dialing, voicemail to email, and advanced call forwarding features.

  • With VoIP technology and an Internet business phone system, the feature set can be even more robust that some traditional PBXs, giving the customer control over their phone system through an online GUI control panel. 
  • Some additional features which some providers may offer could include a way to receive faxes, Music on Hold, SMS notification, call queues, and conference bridges.
  • Bandwidth requirements for a hosted VoIP are as follows:
    • Approx. 100kbps upload and download for each conversation (line).  This would be for a G711 or non-compressed codec.
    • Approx. 40kbps upload and download for each conversation(line).  This would be foe a G729 compressed codec.
  • Remote extensions are easy to setup with a hosted VoIP service.  Plug in an IP phone to your home router and watch the phone register and get dial tone.
  • Message on hold is a perfect way to setup an informational recording for businesses that could benefit from such a service, like real estate.  Place a toll free number on your real estate listings sign with a specific extension number for each listing.  Caller gets an attendant message about your company, then dials the listing's extension number to hear specifics about the listing they are interested in.
  • Add or change services in an instant.  Hosted VoIP gives businesses the advantage of not having to pay for more than what their needs are and the flexibility to ramp up instantly.

Check mark.Hosted VoIP or a cloud based phone system can be the best choice for many businesses.