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Business VoIP Phone Service- Get the Best

Man with a laptop choosing VoIP.Which Business VoIP Service is best?
While many VoIP phone system providers have set pricing, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you are get the best deal for your company.
We have broken down 6 critical items that you need to consider when making a choice.

6 Critical points to consider when choosing business VoIP.

Service Plans

The service plan is probably the most important item to consider when a choice is made for a carrier. Some require a fixed length contract, while others may not.  Take into consideration all of the different parts of the service from international calling, to on network calls and how many minutes may be included or billed for.  Business plans can vary and depending on a particular companies' phone habits the quantity of minutes offered each month and the rates for calls can affect the monthly charges significantly.  The best VoIP business plans include unlimited minutes and offer low rates on international calls.

Expanding or Reducing Services

Part of choosing a service plan is looking into the future.  If the need to add line, extensions, or other services arise, can they be added to an existing contract without having to extend that contract?  And if the opposite occurs, what happens when the need to reduce the number of lines or other services happens?  Additionally, changing services should be quick and easy.

Feature Set

Most quality VoIP services have a robust feature set and include a menu of services such as voicemail, call forwarding, e911 service, and a web based interface where calls and other information can be seen and changed.  When making a choice you will want to focus on additional features that may be helpful or needed for your particular business model.  Some of these more advanced features could include a call queue, Find me/Follow me, and the ability to send calls to a recorded message.

Ease of Set Up & Ease of Use

If a new phone system presents obstacles and difficulties, then all of the gains can be quickly erased and lost.  A good system needs to be easy to set-up, intuitive and offer low-complexity.  Premise based installation logistics should never become more complex, because the provider's service presents extra challenges.

Network; Yours and Theirs

When using a VoIP service your Internet service and the providers network needs to be stable and robust.  Getting dropped calls, especially when you're trying to close a deal, will be beyond frustrating.  It can reflect badly of your business.  The best companies will have multiple server locations and a fully redundant network that can take over in the event an outage would occur.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Whether you are an IT professional or a tech challenged individual, questions about using your new system will present themselves, especially after and during installation.  Getting professional, helpful, high quality customer support is an absolute must-have.  The best companies offer around the clock availability of live customer support, as well as online tutorials and documentation.  Neither of these two items should be overlooked when choosing the best provider for your business.

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