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Find out whether your business would be better with hosted VoIP or an in-house small business phone system.

Asterisk phone system salesman with folder.Asterisk Pbx Systems is an online source for information on small business Asterisk VoIP PBX appliances, IP phones and cloud based phone services (aka Hosted Business VoIP). Asterisk, an open source telephone software offers all the robust features that some big name IP-PBXs have at a fraction of the cost, plus being open source offers additional features that the worldwide development community has written.  Additionally, we offer information, guidance and technical help information for those using or interested in making the move to UC and VoIP. We make the choice easy for you.

Asterisk has been in existence for over 17 years now and is powering millions of business phone systems worldwide.  This open source Pbx software is robust, stable and customizable. focuses on small affordable business Asterisk appliances or IP PBX telephone systems, which are based on Asterisk sitting on Linux.  We also have information to help you better decide which of these PBX systems would be best for your organization and offer comparisons for which is better for a particular situation, cloud based VoIP phone service or an in-house phone system.  Depending on your current setup and the number of phones and lines you will want we will offer services that will meet your expectations and pocketbook.

In keeping with Asterisk phone systems, we offer information on business hosted VoIP and how to solve many of the problems that some VoIP users can experience by explaining the best way to setup your business VoIP service.  These VoIP tutorials are easy to understand and will lead you to correct any issues that may arise with your VoIP service.

You will find an easy resource to connect with telecom professionals in your area that will give you a bid for the phone system of your choice, with installation. It's easy and offers a single place to get two or three bids so you can make the most intelligent choice. You'll find an easy to fill form with a few simple questions on our contact page.

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Group of business professionals with hands together.Asterisk based all-in-one telephone systems have the rich features of large PBX systems and are offered at such low prices that they make these systems affordable for even the most smallest businesses. Typically having built-in voicemail, multi-level auto attendants, remote extensions and sophisticated call handling features these small VoIP capable business phone systems help businesses look big, while reducing communications costs.  Getting the right small Asterisk phone system will allow your business to connect right up to your current business lines and still have the ability to add SIP trunks (VoIP) for low cost calling.  Increasing lines and phones will be easier than before with the right system and many Asterisk based PBXs are so user friendly that most businesses can install, configure and mange them in house, another large cost savings.

Easy to install and easy to configure makes Asterisk based PBX appliance systems the best choice for unified communications.  Never before has communications systems offered so much for so little cost.  Take advantage of a small IP PBX VoIP system and grow your business.


We provide a one stop shop for your company’s choice for their next Voip business telephone system.

Start by learning which phone system would be best for your small business.

Asterisk Small Business PBX Phone System

The Asterisk small business solution that more and more companies are discovering will deliver all their communication needs in one small package with one small price is the Grandstream UCM6102.  The UCM6102 can connect right up to your current telephone company's lines, plus give you the VoIP connections that will save lots of money on your phone call charges.  In a sense you get the best of both worlds, or you connect it up using VoIP only, it's your choice.  NOTE: Grandstream now offers the UCM6200 series IP PBX which is the latest generation of their popular 6100 series.

Grandstream UMC6102 Asterisk IP-PBX ApplianceLearn more about this affordable Asterisk IP-PBX; It just may be your next business phone system.

Business Hosted VoIP

The best business VoIP providers are listed here for your easy selection.  Start today with your cloud based business phone service. 

Polycom IP SIP phone.